PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Jammeh’s Co-President Aziz Tamba at Mile Two,IGP Sonko and others what next?

Alhaji Aziz Tamba or commonly known as Co-President in The Gambia has been taken to Mile Two’s Confinement wing
Every dog has its day! Aziz Tamba was not wise because he never learnt from the mistakes of those who preceded him in the dirty games he was playing. Aziz Tamba was so influential that he was being called a co-president near President-elect Jammeh. Aziz Tamba is the Tamba family clique around Jammeh.
Aziz was picked up and then rushed to Mile Two’s confinement wing. This is a place where no inmate wants to see. It is a solitary place reserved for people who have committed serious crimes like murder,treason and treasonable felony and so on. Under President Jammeh it is not how serious one’s crime but how angry the President is with the inmate in question. Even if the affected party angers the President for personal reasons he or she will taste that wing of eerie silence,mosquitoe bites and crawling wall geccos. There is where President Jammeh kept people like former council member Sadibou Hydara before he was tortured to death. The same place received Daba Marenah and others before they were killed by the CHIAKAS at night.
All those who died or were tortured there during the past 3 years were sent to these dark caves of death by Aziz Tamba’s lies. He framed people,lied for Jammeh and the got them tortured or killed for nothing.
Aziz Tamba has caused so many orphans under this regime. Today he will see the results of wickedness and treachery.
How Aziz Tamba befriended Daba Marenah,implicated Abdoulie and then received D10000.00 Compensation from late Daba Marenah at Kamfenda.
Despite the loud cries in favour of Daba Marenah(deceased) he was so close to Aziz Tamba.They were good bodies during the hey days of Marena as director NIA. Daba Marenah as former commissioner of Basse enjoyed special relations with certain ‘kabilos’ in that area. He was a special person for the family of Alhaji Najeeru a marabout in Numuyell. Infact the source I spoke at Kanilai today revealed that Daba went to the extent of helping one of the sons of the marabout be appointed a district chief.
He also establised sepcial links between the same family and Aziz Tamba according to the same source.
How Aziz Tamba and Daba Marenah implicated former NIA boss Kujabi
As marabouts are like doctors at a hospital,they receive patients regardless of who is who. Abdoulie Kujabi also has special relations with the Numuyell ‘kabilo’ in the past. My source said Kujabi’s relations with that marabout family was established in defense of President Jammeh. The same source revealed that he once rode Numuyell with Kujabi.He said Kujabi has always been asking the marabout to pray for President Jammeh and The Gambia. My source swore that this is what Kujabi used to tell the marabout.
However,he said when Kujabi was removed as the NIA boss and Daba Marenah was hired to replace a fresh fight started between the two. Daba a the time exploited Aziz Tamba who was also brought before the President to replace Kujabi’s role there. Unfortunately for Kujabi he was faced with two fighting fronts and both where very close to President Jammeh.
One day Kujabi received the son of the marabout in Numuyell. My source revealed that the source came to pray for the president. At the time Kujabi was the commissioner of Brikama Kombo North. These were the days he was snubbed by President Jammeh. He tried all he could to inform the president about the intension of the marabout’s son but was being blocked by Aziz Tamba’s circle. Finally according to my source Kujabi took his own intiative then welcomed the marabout’s into one of the properties owned by President Jammeh at Brusubi. According to my source the said property was purchased to be given to Cherno Boggal as a present. Kujabi’s deadly mistake was that initiative he took. As soon as Kalifa Bajinka and Aziz Tamba knew about it they went ahead and framed Kujabi.before President Jammeh. Kalifa Bajinka according to my source was the very one who opened the doors of the residence while there with Kujabi.He in turn went to the state house talked about it as if Kujabi was working on something sinister against the President. Bajinka wanted to use the occasion to implicate former IGP 13 Badjie. Him Bajinka said Badjie was the one who reported Kujabi about the visit of the marabout’s son who was lodged at President Jammeh’s property in Brusubi. This angle failed because it was later found out that Badjie knew nothing about the coming of the marabout’s son from Numuyell. However,Aziz Tamba’s story against Kujabi worked!
Aziz Tamba,Daba Marenah,Kamfenda,Kujabi’s former oderly leaks a secret plot!
During those days when Daba was inherited Kujabi’s position and Aziz Tamba hated seeing the Kujabis back at the state house there was a very dirty fight amongst them. One day Daba Marenah went to pay a visit to the marabout ‘kabilo’ in Numuyell. As soon as he arrived he asked for the marabout’s son. At that point the old man who was so innocent told Daba that his son went to Banjul to pay a visit to Abdoulie Kujabi. Daba at that point felt so uncomfortable. He was not at ease because it is believe that the marabout’s son has special powers with him too therefore his prayers meant something for those who know him.
Daba after a while took leave off the old man and then rushed back to Banjul. Daba was scared because he thought Kujabi was working on taking his position again. Daba calculated his move in a very cunning way. He had already studies the weaknesses of Aziz Tamba(a man people called the co-president of Jammeh),on his way Daba called Aziz and asked to meet him at Kamfenda. Both men met at this point. Daba then told Aziz about what he heard in Numuyell regarding the marabout’s son visiting Kujabi. He put the story to Aziz as if Kujabi was working against President Jammeh’s seat. He also bribed Aziz with D10000.00. Unfortunately for Daba according to my source, the former orderly of Kujabi was there and then heard all what they were planning. They thought the orderly hated Kujabi because that is what he made them believe but the contrary in the man’s mind.
Aziz Tamba went straight to President Jammeh and told him about what Marenah said. It was heard to dispute especially for a paranoid person like President Jammeh who believes in the Juju-business so much. On the spot Jammeh picked up his phone then called Kujabi. Jammeh confronted Kujabi with what he heard. At this point Kujabi confirmed that it was indeed true that the man came to pray for the president and is at his residence in Brusubi. Kujabi was relaxed because he thought it was okay as this same line of action has been there before that day. He saw it as a normal routine. At that juncture my source said President retorted thus told Kujabi this..”But you should have told me before welcoming the man…” Kujabi who was bemused lost every word he had. He therefore replied Jammeh in a cold way by saying this…”But I could not talk you.I tried on so many occasions but never was able to talk to you directly…”
After that President Jammeh wrapped up the conversation with the usual niceties and then stopped there. He however,was further inflated by Aziz Tamba,he was told that the marabout’s son had poured talisman etc in the place to make sure that him Jammeh was over thrown. This was the beginning of the end between Jammeh and Kujabi. Hell broke lose. This is how Jammeh continued the angry vein. This is why when he was called by another Tamba Lang Tombong state guard commander during the march while he was in Mauritania,it was nothing but a confirmation of past stories. Jammeh was furious over Kujabi and Marenah even though both men were fighting each other. Marenah was tortured to death,Kujabi was also tortured to coma.
Today the clear side has started emerging. Who is right or who is wrong can never be known because Daba Marenah is nothing but a ghost now. We are praying that his ghost will be haunting Aziz Tamba at the confinement wing today.
IGP Sonko in Taiwan’s Fuchinkang Military College at this hour.
My sources are trailing these goons every where.
Presently IGP Sonko is at the Taiwanese Fuchinkang military hotel. Sonko according to our sources visits the Gambian embassy and the Gambian students sponsored by President Jammeh to study petroleum engineering in Taiwan.
Sonko was seen at the Taipei mosque last friday. Of course these sources are in Banjul but do maintain direct links with some Taiwanese who do not approve of what their government is doing with President Jammeh.
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