Top secret leaks again.
On the whole Aziz Tamba,Mustapha Bojang and Famara Kolley were used to mask another scandal that was never meant to leak! It leaked two days ago. President Jammeh is at ease thinking his secret was wrapped.All of a sudden an anrgy state house insider who so likes Aziz and others decided to spill the beans. I came accross that piece of information like luck dropping from the powers of the revealing tarrot card.
This source is so angry over how his own associates were framed and dumped by the President again.
President Jammeh’s rice donation to The Republic of Niger and Guinea Bissau months back was done to launder the money coming from a secret loan.
Who would have imagined the donations Jammeh was sending to Niger came from what he snatched from a local bank through a letter of credit?
This letter of credit was authored by one of President Jammeh’s close allies in hs endless  economic crimes. The letter was issued by a local bank to Jammeh and his men. The idea they advanced is this,President Jammeh said he was stepping in, order rice and sell it at reasonable prices to poor Gambians. He said the rice he was going to order from South East Asia(?) was meant to alleviate the suffering of Gambian farmers from the merciless local businessmen. He called these businessmen wicked souls and saboteurs of the economy. Alas! our president himself ended up being worse than a pirate in the middle of a wild sea. He looted from the bank,from YDE,from rice donated to Gambians all in the name of fighting against wicked businessmen?
This is the way he was using Aziz Tamba,Mustapha Bojang(known as SBO-short but old) Jammeh himself created the name for Mustapha when things were so nice between the two.Aziz Tamba led the team.
Aziz forgot that the same rice helped finish former APRC majority leader Baba Jobe. This is the very way President Jammeh used the YDE,then finally accused Baba of being a crook whereas him Jammeh and Baba used all the YDE money together.
Who are they?
Mustapha Bojang or SBO-short but old is from a village called Sangajorr in Foni. To further reveal to President Jammeh on how this secret leaked he is being reminded this today. That is,Mustapha’s family allocated him the President a plot of land in Sangaajorr. He presently uses that plot as one of his large orchards in the Fonis. These were the days when Mustapha and Aziz where on top of the stage replacing Baba Jobe.
How the D19M (Nineteen Million dalasis) were squandered?
Aziz Tamba although a bad man did not spend all that amount alone! He did so with President Jammeh. The money was received from the bank in the name of using it to buy rice from abroad. These were the days when in every corner of Banjul one could hear APRC stalwarts talking about the APRC-MAALO or rice. Yai ‘compins’ and their lines of supporters received that rice. This was the rice President Jammeh used as bait to hook up commissioners like Jobarteh in Brikama and many more. The same rice scandals got Musa Jammeh a kick on the butt only to be brought back when the so-called march 2006 coup d’etat was being cooked. Can you imagine President Jammeh bluffing on TV saying The Gambia under him is now sending food aid to other parts of the world!
Sending food aid to Niger and Bissau while our own kids are scavenging for food from the Bakoteh dumpsite? These ironic moves from the man in Kanilai are just so baffling. As a result of the above justifications,President Jammeh ended up misusing D19Million (Million dalasis) then shamelessly accuses Aziz Tamba,Famara Colley and Mustapha Bojang of misusing public funds again? President Jammeh the man who sends food aid abroad has succeeded in pushing our prices so high as far as food commodities are concerned. As of today a bag of Uncle Ben’s rice is at D1000.00 (One thousand dalasis) in Banjul. The lowest paid civil servant at grade one earning nothing more than D500(five hundred dalasis).This means these poor low income earners,their families and our poor farmers who do not even think about salary will gradually die of hunger.
The returns from the rice and the rice itself used to dislodge Hamat Bah and Halifa Sallah
President Jammeh openly used the rice from his top secret letter of credit to dislodge Hamat Bah,Halifa Sallah. This very rice and money is what he gave to Aziz Tamba and team to distribute in the provinces. He asked Aziz to get funds from those returns then give it out to people in Upper Saloum. Aziz Tamba’s pictures have been hanging over walls in villages and on the sides of bush taxis. President Jammeh’s own pictures are used as idols all over the country now let alone those villages. The rice was of course good for Jammeh and his men. The same funds were used to hook some youths in Serrekunda. The President disguised behind soccer to hoodwink those gullible youths. These youths failed to know one thing,that is their candidate is a thief.
As soon as President Jammeh got what he wanted he started preparing a grand and evil scheme in order to be able to get rid of Aziz Tamba,Mustapha Bojang and Famara Colley.
The bank silently asked to be paid,President Jammeh used Aziz Tamba,Famara Colley and Mustapha Bojang-SBO-short but old to escape another scandal.
Rice,GAMTEL and NAWEC are President Jammeh’s sources of stained wealth.
Rice under Jammeh and how many it affected…
1-Former Lt Badjie fell down from grace to grass after having been accused of embezzling D1.5M(One and a half million dalasis) out of the returns he earned from selling rice.
Who was he selling the rice for? Jammeh.
Is Lt Badjie a thief? Those who know him say the guy is far from being a thief.
Baba Jobe fell down because of the YDE rice and other things he was accused of. Who was he doing all these things for? Jammeh.
Baba used that rice to maintain bureaus of the defunct July 22nd movement all over the Gambian territory. He used those returns to buy arms and other amenities from Libya and other places.
Commissioner Suma Jobe and others were also accused of selling APRC rice. This APRC rice was from a letter of credit issued by a local bank. As at now the bank has started requesting to be paid. To escape blame and traces Aziz Tamba was used and dumped.
Famara Colley who is from remote village called Busra was also added to the list of people accused of selling rice. Anyone interested can visit these people’s villages then see if their dwellings look like somewhere 19 Million dalasis were spent. They were framed after having been used as conformists.
What Aziz Tamba was told before facing Magistrate Pa Harry Jammeh and Buba Jawo.
These two magistrates are part of the worst West Africa has even seen in life. Buba Jawo’s case file will be revisited on line at a later date. He will certainly resign when his linen is washed in public. Pa Harry Jammeh’s own story is already part of our archives we all know him anyway. He is like those magistrates who used to help Idi Amin try people and sentence perceived enemies to death on the spot. Before facing any of these magistrates anyone the state house brings forth is warned to plead guilty or else face the CHIAKAS at night. Aziz Tamba was warned to plead guilty before reaching the court house. Aziz’s trial was the fastest Africa has ever witnessed. His first trial lasted for nothing more 20 minutes. Charges were read out to Aziz,he said he was guilty and then sentenced to 8 years in jail(first round).
Last week he once again faced one of state house’s magistrates Pa Harry Jammeh. After a short while Aziz,Famara and Mustapha were sentenced to serve long terms with hard labour. Aziz’s latest plus the former made him receive 14 years.
President Jammeh’s keen interest in the above case to bury his shame.
Pa Harry Jammeh magistrate serving the interest of state house,IGP Benn Jammeh from the same family with Magistrate Jammeh. These two are going through a bitter cleevage with Aziz Tamba’s side. They have always wanted to see the downfall of people from Dobong and those from the Tamba family side. This is  a deep old wound between the two sides. President Jammeh is siding with Harry and Benn these days. There were days when he sided with the Tambas today it is Pa Harrey and Benn who are on the throne.
No wonder Essa Tamba was relieved of his position from the police force accused of being incompetent? Essa Tamba is far smarter than Musa Jammeh. The two have been drinking ataya with me over the years. I see them every day Essa is not Musa’s match at all.
The President sent IGP Benn Jammeh,CMC(Crime management Cordinator) Dibba to as sepcial envoys when Aziz Tamba’s case was being handled for the last time by Stooge magistrate Harry Jammeh. IGP Benn,CMC Dibba were there for a reason. Of course they went in there for a specific reason,because there have been so many other cases brought before Pa Harry and other magistrates but never did they attend those rulings. This one we all know was a special mission from state house.
Advise to President Jammeh if he does not want to be disgraced more than he can imagine within weeks to come.
President Jammeh is being advised to settle the arrears with the bank in question or else serious details derived from the top secret will be spread all over the world again.Jammeh can either choose to adhere or leave to regret it. The bank will sue him out of the Gambian jurisdiction if he fails to take heed. I am traveling to the Casamance border to see first hand some interesting things on the ground. During this trip I may have a long chat with someone who knows Shiriff Baa Jobe,Ndure Cham and others.
I think President Jammeh will continue reading these articles again. I understand these days, he only receives summarised verbal briefings  because of the festival at Kanilai. He is so worried about the latest developments near the border.
This is why people like former President Jawara are being used as fronts talking about subregional peace. It is too late!

Editors note:The picture of the Bank posted online has nothing to do with the story. We are not implying that Bulfaaleh got his  sources from the said Bank. We deem it necessary to publish one of the Banks’s images to beef up the story. It’s up to Jammeh to do his home work better because the said piece is revealing and damaging. The Bank’s picture was published in good faith without malice. Thanks…

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