PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Tamba Jiro a witchcraft specialist at Bugiling Foni for a week-Bad news!

Why did President Jammeh invited TAMBA JIRO?
Tamba Jiro a well known witch craft specialist was stationed at Bugiling a village about a kilometer away from Kanilai. He was there working with President Jammeh for one whole week. The whole show of “detecting witches and wizards lasted until last friday” It was total frenzy in the village. A country’s President presiding over witch craft at night?Why?
The death of one Omar Jatta commonly known as “AYEH” the SINDOLA wrestler was blamed on the villagers to cover Jammeh.
“Ayeh” or Omar Jatta used to work at the Kanilai farm. He also used to head the team of wrestlers stationed at Kanilai-Kairaba wing hotel known as SINDOLA. Omar was a close ally of former LT Badjie. Badjie is the one who set up all the strategic and secret locations at Kanilai village. Him and Omar were so close.
As soon as President Jammeh fired Badjie,accusing him of stealing rice etc,next was Omar Jatta.
Jatta later on moved back to his native village Bugiling Foni. There he stayed until he died last month. His death was mysterious and untimely. To date Badjie is in the bad books of Jammeh. He has since been heard in the capital city of Guinea Bissau. Badjie is one of those President Jammeh fears as potential enemies who can dislodge him.
President Jammeh in trying to cover up any trace leading to the death of late Omar Jatta. He shamelessly resorted to the same trend he uses even on SKY NEWS NETWORK that is, witch craft and herbs. He invited Tamba Jiro a well known witch craft specialist.The man with the help state guards came to force all villagers at Bugiling to drink some substance made out of special herbs. The intension is to detect those who “ate” late Omar Jatta. President Jammeh appearing furious cursed all the villagers. He asked all of them to come before the witch craft specialist thus drink the mucus-like substance.
President Jammeh a Songhai Empire,King during democratic days.
This type of practice was last used and seen in West Africa during the era of empires like Ghana,Songhai and so on ref; Adu Boahen’s book. The writings of a historian Jammeh himself read at Gambia High School.  Another ref; is the book of a  Gambian historian Mr Dawda Faal “Peoples and Empires of West Africa”. Can we imagine the era President Jammeh is living now? The witch craft specialist Tamba Jiro is still in Bugiling. I saw him in action with the red hat and pouches filled with herbs,roots and powder. Tamba Jiro likes using chewing sticks. He uses these sticks not to clean up,he uses them because it is believed that whatever he utters will happen while using these chewing sticks! The highest stage of stupidity one can ever imagine near a President! Haven’t we detected the hypocrisy in the mind of an insane President who says he strongly believes in the KURAN now?
Bugiling Villagers forced to come home from Urban areas to be tested for being witches or wizards.
President Jammeh presided over the show of witch craft. After forcing almost every villager to drink these herbs,he warned that he was going to set an example. He ordered for mini buses to go and pick up villagers from Bugiling. That is,those who were in the urban areas. They were forced to come and drink the ‘testing’ herbs. At the village everything was a mixture of sorrow and laughter. People who knew nothing about the death of Omar Jatta were forced to drink the satanic medicine. Many of whom vomitted so much so that some of them may either die or be paralysed afterwards. President Jammeh himself was there conducting the operation. He laughed aloud when people vomitted. Particularly those he perceived as “man-eaters” through witch craft.
What actually killed Omar Jatta-Swollen kidneys and HBP-High Blood Pressure.
President Jammeh himself knows he “ate” Omar Jatta morally.
He fired Jatta and chased him out of the farm like a dog.
Omar Jatta was diagnosed as a patient with HBP-High Blood Pressure. He was also diagnosed as someone suffering from swollen kidneys. Close family members cannot talk but one of Jammeh’s own guards revealed how Omar died. Omar of course as High Blood Pressure patient died as a result of stress. He was fired,he had no money,no balanced diet to control his blood pressure etc. This is what killed Omar. President Jammeh himself killed Omar and is now acting as his chief mourner. He is ashamed but trying to show mercy at a family he succeeded in destroying.
President Jammeh accuses people abroad of defamation of character and the like. Well these facts and deep family things ‘Bulfaaleh’ is revealing are not from abroad. They are from within his own family roots.
President says next him and Tamba Jiro will visit Sintet for the same purpose. Gambian villages,towns and hamlets will all be tested for witch craft by Tamba Jiro. The same herbs were what Jammeh was giving out to people at the McCarthy Square last year. The same herbs are what Jammeh is ready to test on civil servants. The same herbs are what Jammeh is giving to inmates especially those who were jailed for political reasons.
Gambia has a long rough road to ride with President Yahya Jammeh.
Next we will analyse the NIA classifieds on Fatou Jaw Manneh. So deep and revealing. Many will be shocked and amazed as to how long President Jammeh has been baiting this lady. She finally went directly into a wicked fisherman’s net.
Tips:-She worked at Winham Hotel’s deli. More will be said.
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