PANORAMA with “Bulfaaleh”-Senegal Destabilising Gambia-Editorial Authored By President Jammeh himself
Leakages from inside leave President Jammeh exposed!

Details emerging from the broken back bone of The Gambia’s state house under President Jammeh will cause more arrests and vicious reactions from Jammeh in days to come. It has been confirmed that President Jammeh himself authored the editorial of the Daily Observer accusing Dakar of destabilizing The Gambia? This was hatched after a secret meeting was held between Jammeh and some so-called advisers on security matters. President Jammeh has since been contemplating on taking that route was never motivated by the way he was reading the timing. Now that he has seen a small vent of hope he rushed to send the vibes up above sea level, right through the anthenas and the “stooge” print media in collaboration with Saja Taal,Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay and the current IGP of police. This editorial was written without the knowledge of VP Isatou Njie Saidy. Of course this does not exonerate her from playing other dirty tricks in hiding.

President Jammeh dictated the editorial verbatim.

Look at the wording of the piece and the flaming accusations in it then see the traces of President Jammeh’s venom in there. He believes in doing so he can justify certain moves and then attach the editorial to his package of “begging” for assistance of Iran, Cuba and Taiwan. President Jammeh called Sajar Taal in his office dictated the contents of the editorial to the stooge and then it was sent out there under DO’s(Daily Observer’s) editorial. President wants to blow a whistle because he fears Dakar will not hesitate sending his name to join the list of Charles Taylor’s deck. This is why Jammeh is equating the Senegal’s army to the Sudanese “Janjaweed”. The man is scared, desperate and ready to cling to a straw while drowning. President Jammeh will not stop there. Next he will round up politicians like Hamat Bah,Ousainou Darboe and co then accuse them of collaborating with Senegal. OJ Jallow also has to watch out in the grand scheme of lies and whirling accusations. The Jammeh regime knows its days are numbered therefore want to sink with every person they think may replace them even for an interim government. President Jammeh will also not hesitate to round up Senegalese nationals in days to come. He has been briefed by the NIA that there are 350,000 ex Senegalese combatants in The Gambia at this hour. These Senegalese his reports say are in out territory as cobblers,mechanics,drivers and the like. True or false Jammeh believes in this report and the figure stated in there.

Senegal’s former director of Senelec Samuel Sarr on the NIA list of wanted people-

Dakar should not send Sarr on an official mission to Banjul. Let them try they will get the shock of their lives. Infact, Jammeh is desperate that he may resort to planning assassination “squads” against Senegalese top government officials. For the sake of avoiding more alarm I will refrain from revealing every evil step President Jammeh is working on against Dakar at this point. I want Senegalese and Gambians to discover who President Jammeh really is. During these sessions, Jammeh called the US president and UK Prime Minister racists. He may say so in the open if the heat adds up. President Jammeh does not like the idea of seeing Wade being received at the white house, whereas he cannot still step his foot in there. He is also so angry with Paris, because he has been told, the new French President is President Wade’s close friend. One thing President Jammeh wants to do now is dampen the minds of Gambians and then start taking excuses like we are at war! He also will use the daily observer editorial to ask for arms and ammunitions from Iran. This editorial he dictated verbatim is bi-product if ideas from Venezuela and Tehran. Gambians have nothing against Teheran and Venezuela however, if these two capitals are bent of using our people as pawns via an unwanted leader like Jammeh then Jammeh also to be ready for anything adverse. He is going against the Interest of Gambians, that means ending his rule is socially justifie.  Voice of Gambians is more powerful than Jammeh. Just watch out what is going to happen in days to come.

Posted on Sunday, June 17, 2007 (Archive on Monday, July 30, 2007)
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