PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Omar Gibba,Hydara NIA,Sam Gibba’s wife Tijan Ceesay Who is next?

Omar Gibba is the new snake President Jammeh is grooming.
State guards have already stated what Omar is doing these days. He is fabricating so much against everyone only to be able to stay near his uncle President Jammeh. Omar’s own mother and President Jammeh’s are from the same village. Jammeh within the immediate family circle is considered Omar’s uncle.
People who are dining and wining with Omar and President Jammeh revealed this. That is,him Omar is engaged on a “scorch earth” war with his perceived enemies at the state house. This very bitterness made him fabrricate stories against Protocol Fatou Njie’s husband the former NIA acting director Hydara. That is how and why Hydara moved out of that seat so so fast.
Omar himself was accused by his uncle President Jammeh in the past for stealing D60,000.00
In the past President Jammeh himself accused Omar Gibba of stealing money from him. He accused Omar of misusing sixty thousand dalasis while running shady errands for him. Now if Omar Gibba is accusing people like Hydara and Former Protocol Jobarteh of being liars then who told me ‘Bulfaaleh’ about his case with his uncle? This is something I have been told today. Where is Jobarteh now? Does Jobarteh dare talk to me on this sensitive issue at this moment? Even if he does dare,he cannot have the chance to meet me? How about Hydara? Of course Hydara and his wife are so angry with me. I know how much they hated the revelations about the NIA when he was the boss there. Today they are seeing the same things against others. This will teach them a lesson. They will know that I have nothing against anyone. Am simply following Jammeh and his dirtiness. Anyone close to his dirt will not escape ‘Bulfaaleh’s electric club! Sure the state house knows who told me this story. They know who Omar moves with at his hour and how Omar himself talks like a parrot.
They know his girl friends,they know who leaked Amina Cole’s case too. I understand the President accused Aziz Tamba on that one. Yes Aziz spoke but Gibba and Musa Jammeh have said more than anyone so far. This cannot be changed because I have already got the secrets with me!
Omar Gibba was moved to PEGED-Presidential Empowerment of Girl’s Education.
President Jammeh is obviously conscious of the fact that,’Bulfaaleh’ will be the cause of his overthrow. He knows that.
How did I know about PEGED and Omar Gibba’s role in it? How did I know about the D60,000.00? It is Jammeh’s own family and close guards who talk! Let President Jammeh stop arresting people, accusing them of sedition and all sort of nonsense. He knows who and who are leaking his secrets or at least he should suspect who these people are by now. These people are his own clan. He will ever deny that but this is a fact. Omar Gibba is a worse worm than Aziz Tamba.
Omar himself talks about others and then at the same time reveals his uncle’s secrets without even paying attention to what he is doing.I will give President Jammeh bright examples,because I am out to set an example for him. He promised to set an example in march 2006. On the other hand I  promised to set an example for him in march 2007 one year after. Now against the next July 22nd celebrations Jammeh will be seeing worse details in all parts of the globe about his dirty regime.
Sam Gibba’s wife,her case is a dirty one too.
This weekend I attended a picnic where I met some of my close informants at the state house. I am glad to have received more from them. They were neither drunk nor over excited. They calm,composed and sober. They narated things to me because they are so unhappy with the President.
A state guard told me the story about Sam Gibba(a former state guard)’ himself. Sam’s ex wife is also a hot issue around the Presidency. I was told Sam and his former wife divorced in a very bad way. The source pointed fingers at the President Jammeh again. Our President has caused the divorce of so many married couples. He uses money and power. Of course he does beause he he cannot tell us he is so cute to worth all that. Look the man’s face and tell us if he is cute?  I was told afterwards the girl  joined the club of Mama Njie and others. That side will not be treated here. I would at least respect her privacy for now. She is being warned not to make noise anyway. This very girl or Ex Mrs Gibba was allocated a car where her seniors do not even have a bike at their disposal. President Jammeh himself ordered the state guard to allocate her a car. The same way he forcefully allocated a house to Fatou Mbye. Unfortunately for Mrs Gibba she had an accident because she  could not drive well. As a result of that she had serious injuries that required her to be treated medically. She broke both legs during the accident. This made her travel over seas for treatment. Our President spent thousands of dalasis towards her treatment only to bury another hole of disgrace.
Mrs Gibba instead of facing her own stupidity was making noise accsusing other state house officials of casting an evil spell on her out of jealousy? Jealousy? She is not to be envied because she is too cheap!
Mrs Gibba traveled to New York then Joined Tijan Maasaneh Ceesay an official of the Gambian Embassy for treatment.
Before ending the conversation I was informed by the state guard that,Mrs Gibba was once staying with a diplomat called Tijan Ceesay in Washington DC. She was seen there working hard to get treatment. She was promised to be carried along by the diplomat who many here in Banjul see as a close errand boy of President Jammeh. Unfortunately for the President his errand boys talk more than parrots. The details about Mrs Gibba’s days in DC and New York will be spread on line as we get closer to the July 22nd celebrations. The state house will of course be shocked.
Questions for President Jammeh before the next revelations.
Let him find out the following…
-Who told me ‘Bulfaaleh’ that Omar Gibba allocated a large piece of land to President Jammeh in Dobong?
-Who told me this piece of land was allocated to him so that he can use it as a farm?
-Who saw the girl that is,Mrs Gibba when she stalked towards President Jammeh at a meeting in Bakau asking him to help her get medical treatment?
-Who is the state guard that handed over the money to Mrs Gibba?
-Who exposed the President’s hidden affair with Mrs Gibba if not his own family members in Kanilai?
President Jammeh has to know that anyday his close confidants stop leaking his secrets there will no longer be a ‘Bulfaaleh’
However,can they stop? He will be seeing exact details that he himself maybe able to detect who said what from his family.
I will teach him a worse lesson on that one.
May the souls of our late students rest in peace!
Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2007 (Archive on Monday, April 30, 2007)
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