PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-NIA Classifieds on Fatou Jaw Manneh from 1999 leaked!

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NIAS In their              be rejoicing???           Fatou’s arrest!               happy!

Leakages on the NIA classifieds trailing Fatou Jaw Manneh from 1999.
My most important duty on earth today is to detect,analyse and expose anything President Jammeh does against my country and people. He is a vicious man therefore deserves no decency from anyone home or abroad.The only people who see positivity in Jammeh are those receiving his money and are yet to be eaten by this cannibal.
President Jammeh’s visit at the Freedom Forum in 1999,Washington DC sparked the fire!
President Yahya Jammeh attended the famous freedom forum meeting in 1999. These were the years President Jammeh was fighting tooth and nail to be considered a good boy in Washington. During this meeting in respect of  a para from the NIA classifieds,Gambians organized a demonstration against the Jammeh regime. One of those who were so vocal and active during that demonstration is Ms.Fatou Jaw Manneh. She was on that very day spotted and identified by President Jammeh himself. He saw her as he was passing by in a convoy. He also saw her from the inside as NIA agents were helping point at Gambian demonstrators in the streets. In this same report I saw details like the zone NIA agents were using to track down the lady’s activities to and from work. Here is a direct excerpt from the file.
“….Surveillance on element can be conducted on 16th street,crossing 15th street of Washington DC bearing a right turn towards the junction of the CVS store at the corner of 14th street…” The report further stated this “….take a left instead of right when turning on the street. The right goes towards Jefferson Hotel where OGA’S wife First Lady stays when she comes to Washington..” The present director general of NIA has to know that President Jammeh’s NIA has more layers than an onion. He may not have all these facts before him. There are so many agents around him that he does not know. He maybe fired because of Fatou Jaw Manneh’s case if he does not take care. If he wants to use professional methods he will be fired forthwith and jailed for that matter. Pa Jallow may as well play with my information,he will live to regret that if he does.
Will state house not transfer Fatou Jaw Manneh to an unknown police station in Central River Division?
Most likely this move is on the way. I did report it yesterday,I will repeat it again. Am so sorry for the lady’s family but these tactics are on the way. They better listen to ‘Bulfaaleh’ right from this minute and work emphatically towards blowing the whistle. No one should think about appeasing President Jammeh with sweet interviews or  friendly rejoinders on  journals when that person’s relative is captured by the NIA. President Jammeh cares less about sweet words,he will treat any of his captives in his own style regardless of how sweet the relatives may sound. The best bet here is to stand firm and condemn the act through the due process of law. At least the world is watching.
President Jammeh came back to Banjul on friday after his insane behaviour at Bugiling Foni. What will be Fatou Jaw Manneh’s fate?
Now that President Jammeh is back to Banjul after his dirty and satanic witch craft at Bugiling Foni what will be Fatou Jaw Manneh’s fate? For sure Jammeh has been reading the NIA classifieds on FJ Manneh. He has also been told,she is an ex wife of a legal luminary Magistrate Dabo. Who is as well an arch critic of the system. Dabo on what I heard from close sources is presently in UK. The state house has also made copies of Dabo’s writings on the gambiapost and other fora. This lady’s case will be one out of many. President Jammeh may issue a directive therefore get FJ Manneh transfered to an undislosed location. He may do so because the lady’s arrest has caused so much noise all over the world. Jammeh does not think about ramifications against the funding of projects etc. He does not because he is a loud patriot. He is a loud mouth who only cares about his own crazy head. The more he listens to FJC the angrier he will be. For sure he is listening to her on this case. He is also listening to one or three people from Washington DC. My gamtel firend has already tracked three calls to the big man about this case. Some Gambians are so vicious. Fatou Jaw Manneh herself made a mistake by presenting her papers to Gambia government officials before her trip to Banjul. She knows who these people are. Why did she hand over her passport to these people? She made very very expensive mistakes. That is one of the clues that triggered her arrest faster. The same source in DC (A Gambia government official) has called Banjul on her subject again. The GAMTEL recorded printouts will be released to a foreign embassy because President Jammeh is bent on harming the lady. He will pay a price for that too one day. His next human rights report will be worse than last year’s
Jammeh’s own enemies are his immediate surrounding not people like FJ Manneh. She is a critic but not an enemy. How could I get these details about his private and official life if I were not guided by his own close allies? How on earth could I? Fatou Jaw Manneh is in his hand but we are still writing worse and deep secrets about his dirty life. Doesn’t he think about arresting his own men and women too at least for once and see? Worse details are on the way against Jammeh he will be shocked.
NIA trailed Fatou Jaw Manneh at a DELI in  WINHAM HOTEL Washington DC in 1999.
NIA agents were busy whispering about Fatou Jaw Manneh as she was seen at the DELI. On their report she was called a worker at the DELI. She was described as the Gambian lady who berbed her hair like a man. She was described as someone fair in complexion.
She was ‘tagged’ as the lady that talks fast and could be seen as an African American because of her style of dress and  appearance in general. In that very classified document it is reported that Fatou has a tatoo somewhere on her body.
Fatou Jaw Manneh called a tribal journalist in NIA report.
One of the NIA agents who exposed this classifieds to me jovially calls Fatou the “Alaa-daa-fix”girls of Sukuta. This is a common terminology in Sukuta showing how rebellious people from that town are. On this very report that I was fiddling with hurriedly,the NIA are calling Fatou a journalist inclined towards supporting the UPD because of tribal lines. This has been rebutted by the fact that OJ and Halifa are working on securing the release of Fatou. Both men are not part of UPD and are not Mandinkas either. On the NIA classifieds Fatou is called tribalist but the latest shows the contrary.
Fatou Jaw Manneh’s number one enemy and arch rival is Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay.
Gambians should not fall into these weak traps of Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay and Mr Omar Faye. These two are convincing every Tom,Dick and Harry to come back home because the President wants people home to join hands together. The “bait” they use is Omar Faye’s “coming to Gambia”. That means nothing. Omar Faye is President Jammeh’s least worry. He knows the guy and he understands what a dummy Faye is. Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay poses as a good lover for some naive Gambians abroad saying they can come home using Omar Faye as an example. It is a lie. If President Jammeh means every word in the so-called process of reconciliation then why is Sara Janha still not daring to come home and join us here? Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay’s list of rivals includes Neneh Macdoll Gaye,VP Isatou Njie Saidy,Ndey Njie(former NAM),Duta Kamaso(former NAM) and Ms Fatou Jaw Manneh herself. Infact the latter is her worse nightmare. Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay is rejoicing these days. She is on the list of state witnesses ready to spew on Fatou Manneh’s head in court. She hates the guts of FJ Manneh. They had their own bitter experiences as rivals in the past. This bad blood is still in FJC’s heart. FJ Manneh’s relatives should not take her case lightly. Their daughter has so many people ready to fan the flames to roast her. Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay will for sure brief the President on anything she knows about FJ Manneh true or false. Sources have revealed that FJC has gathered special internet printouts against FJ Manneh. Freedom Newspaper past interviews with Fatou are top on the NIA files.  These she has already passed on to President Jammeh. FJC  is fanning the Ms.Manneh problem. She is rejoicing  these days. Facts not fiction please FJC is in this deep down the gutter.
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