Lang Tombong Tamba and the march 2006 coup-lope holes,implications,traces.
As soon as Lang Tombong knew the other side of the story he decided to be  a sell out within a group he was part of. Lang wanted to head. He was convinced that he was not going to be allowed.Afterward he did what Banjul language calls CHAAAR. This word in Ndongo lexis and structure relates to the idea of one being a sell out. This can be done in many ways including the leaking of information against his own gang to facilitate the arrest of ring leaders. This is how Lang Tombong has been surviving under Jammeh for all these years. He is not loyal,he is simply a cold character that knows how to manipulate the psyche of Jammeh the President. I met someone who revealed that Lang Tombong was one of those who stood to implicate President Jammeh during the guy’s days at Bakau Barracks well before the 1994 coup. Lang was never on the side of Jammeh before 1994. President Jammeh himself knows that.
A synopsis on Lang Tombong Tamba.
Lang Tombong Tamba should never attempt disputing what Bulfaaleh is writing today. Just to give President Jammeh deep-rooted clues here are few to show Lang Tombong that a special text has been compiled on him. It is now complete and very serious. Lang can deny everything but never will he deny this:-That is,he has two wives.
-His first wife’s name is SIRA TAMBA
-His second wife’s name(withheld for now),just a teaser to leave him in suspense. SIRA the first wife before 1994 used to work as a house maid in the greater Banjul area.She was married to Lang well before she reached the age of puberty. SIRA was specially reserved for Lang by his parents because it is a parental traditional belief. Lang knows if Bulfaaleh is making up this story or not. He knows that SIRA went to the USA to deliver her child after a long dispute between the two of them.
The dispute took place because of the favouritism Lang shows to the second wife a Banjul-born lady. The first wives comes to the USA anytime she expects a child.Whereas Sira was never given the chance. At then Sira retarliated.This is when she was allowed to travel to the USA to deliver her child.
The second wife works got married to Lang after having dated for months. After tying the knot with the Banjul lady Lang started shunning SIRA the first wife.Sources revealed that the second wife is on the pay roll of the defunct Gambia airways now the GIA. This can be verified to match details with facts.
A challenge for president Jammeh,the NIA can search,gather and compare these details with what they have and see if Bulfaaleh is making up a story.
Warning:Lang can use anything including the Immigration just to change details on his wive’s cards,passports and so forth. Just check out for that too.
Remember it is Lang’s best friend Sonko who is running the show at that end
By analysing Lang’s internal family will show the President my count down toward July 22nd celebrations is not a joke. Next we will run through the lope holes.
Lope hole ONE-Text Message.
A text message emanating from Lang Tombong Tamba means a lot in our current revelations. This message was sent in connection with the march coup d’etat.Lang sent the message to one of the army strong men.
He knows what he wrote in that message,likewise the one who received it too knows what Lang meant. Didn’t ths text message facilitate the escape of Ndure Cham? A question for Pa Jallow and team to answer. This message in a way also exonerates Dakar from President Jammeh’s wild accusations. President Jammeh should stop his craziness,the coup plotters are not the ones in Dakar(if there are any).
The coup plotters are Sonko and Lang Tombong Tamba.They know what I am talking about. Why wouldn’t Ndure Cham escape from that mess after all?
The same stories that framed and killed Dabba Marenah were going to frame and kill Ndure if he had stayed.
Lope hole TWO-The Tape.
According to Lang Tombong he taped Ndure Cham,held the cassette for President Jammeh? Hell no! Unfortunately the President believed in this great fabricator? Lang Tombong the people you used have not been convinced so they have vomitted everything. The traces you left have been unearthed. You will be shocked and surprised Bulfaaleh is not a joker Lang.
Lang said he used Ndure Cham’s own nephew to tape his uncle and report back to him? Meaning he was working with the man’s own blood to get him arrested. How could Lang be more royal than the king himself?
The same Ndure Cham then escaped afterwards through the help of another nephew? The President did not still see these traces?
Why Lang cannot escape this investigation? A synopsis on Ndure Cham.
Soldier Ndure Cham is from a village called Chamen Wolof near another one called Kunja. This village is not all that far from Kabadaa. They usually share farms with villages along the Senegalese border. Ndure is loved by his own people so much so that I cannot fathom his real nephew  implicating his loved uncle in a coup. That is blatant fabrication coming from Lang Tombong.
Ndure Cham may not know Bulfaaleh so let him be careful of attempting to stage a show of words during these investigations. He will be exonerated from these lies and be crowned a hero if he knows how to play his cards as time goes on. Even if he may eventually want to join politics he has the right to do so. He should not allow Lang Tombong,Sonko and President Jammeh succeed in framing him as a fugitive rebel. He is far from that. I know him very well. I will reveal to him how he was hijacked and expelled from home.
The Senegalese government has absolutely no case to answer in this affair. The coup suspects are in Banjul here with us roaming the streets.
Why Daba Marenah was killed? Why Ndure Cham is not welcomed by Lang Tombong Tamba and Sonko anymore? Why Ngorr Secka,Foday Barry,Abdoulie Kujabi and others are kept? How we will be tracing Lang Tombong’s hands in all these machinations?
Lang Tombong Tamba after receiving the tape he calls special evidence why didn’t he give it to President Jammeh there and then? This tape Mr President,was made up to divert your attention! Lang Tombong Tamba and former IGP Sonko knew what they were doing. This is a replica of what happened to former NIA boss Samba Bah during the PPP regime. Bah was disposed off after touching the name and nerves of Saikou Sabally. Bah was written off,sent home and blocked. These were the days those he suspected wanted to use former army top guns to stage a coup against former president Jawara. After all this fatal failure coming from the then executive led to the rise of the July 22nd coup. This is why Kebba Ceesay suffered the consequences.
Similar consequences affected Abdoulie Kujabi,Foday Barry,Ngorr Secka and late Daba Marenah. President Jammeh himself knows these people on the list are Lang Tombong’s worse enemies. Lang rushed with Sonko to implicate Daba Marenah because they knew Daba had a special file on them before going to Mauritania. They knew Daba was going to mount an effective investigation,then get them arrested if he was to reach his office. This is how the two rushed to use Musa Jammeh and his gang of killers to eliminate Daba. They also knew Alpha Bah,Ebou Lowe and others were the brave loyalists who could arrest them if President Jammeh was to discover their role in the march coup. This is how they framed and rounded those possible human intelligence traces up for elimination. Lang and Sonko succeeded because they know the weak points of President Jammeh. Infact why would Lang call Jammeh straight only to tell him Daba knows something about the coup when he said he had a taped version already? Why did he allow the President fly all the way to President then choose to call him and tell him the hard facts after the damage was already done? The damage is there because President Jammeh killed the wrong people. He will realize that very soon. My concern is not because Jammeh will be overthrown,my concern is that Lang Tombong and Sonko are the actual coup plotters sitting in Banjul here eating rice while implicating  innocent lives. After Daba’s death Lang Tombong decided to silence anyone he saw as a possible trace that could reveal his real colours. Many may not like Foday Barry but many also know the guy’s talents in detecting such coup suspects. This is why Foday was implicated. People like Ngorr Secka were alos beaten up because they knew too much.Abdoulie Kujabi was also implicated as a result of his internal fight with Lang Tombong and Aziz Tamba. President Jammeh is one unwise dictator sitting on the edges of a blazing well of flames. He thinks he has set an example against coupists? That is not the case President.
Lope hole THREE-Lang Tombong Tamba’s cell phones,more dangerous than arms.
Lang Tombong Tamba after reading these revelations will simply say these are meant to bring problems between the President and those loyal to him.
Well Mr President before July 22nd you will realize how much your internal security apparatus has been penetrated. One day we will repeat verbatim one of your NIA memos.This will force  you to understand we know what we are saying.
Don’t pay attention to what we say if want to because that could help Gambians get rid of you faster than we may expect it to take place. Over our dead bodies Mr President we will not allow you save Lang Tombong,Sonko and others along tribal lines then expect us to stay mute. You will be given a dead line if you fail to arrest and question Lang. Then that means a real show down. Make no mistake,the killing of Daba Marenah,Bah,Lowe and others has caused a big tremor in the army. It is just a matter of time before you see an uprising. The war will not come from Senegal,it is already before your palace. You started the war.
Lope hole FOUR-Former IGP Sonko so close to Ndure Cham.Ndure’s”Boy-Boy”
Here is a clue Mr President. Please ask the director of The Gambia television to show you the tape bearing  images of the 2006 Independence day celebrations. On that very tape you or your NIA will see revealing facial expressions. Sonko and Ndure Cham arrived at the parade ground boarding the same vehicle. Everyone in the army knows Sonko as Ndure’s “Boy-Boy”.
We know Sonko used the same skills when he got you a tape bearing late Lt Almamo Manneh’s voice in 2000,when you inturn accused the man of staging a coup. This is when the same Musa Jammeh who killed Daba Marenah,was assigned to kill Almamo Manneh along bond road. Sonko this time is different. Sonko according to sources in the GNA-Gambia Nationa Army,was the pet of Ndure Cham. Infact sources said this…Ndure Cham jovially told Sonko over and over that he was better in the army than the police because he is a good soldier. Mr President Jammeh if Ndure had any ill will against Sonko or if they were not so close while in the army would the man say so?
Another clue,because of their size as small men,people in the army jovially called them the MONDING KAFFOO in mandinka indicating the association of small men. Mr President what pains most soldiers is that you are sparing the real culprits then arresting those who should have arrested these so-called loyal bandits. Is it because they are Jolas like you? If that is it then you will realize what that means when the uprising starts.
The cell phones of Lang Tombong are many and dangerous. Thanks to his position Lang enyoys using at least three cell phones as far as revelations can tell. He is allocated cell phones by local carriers at no cost. He maybe present bills to cover the unknown ones but he has them. Lang is one person who may out the President on threeway and then pretend as if he respectful.
Let the NIA gather information on his current numbers and those he had before. Let GAMTEL,AFRICELL and other local carriers say something. Even if the man has changed his phone numbers the satelite records or traces on “nests” are still there. I believe in one thing very strongly and that is,Lang Tombong Tamba,Former IGP Sonko and their men in the army cannot be spared where Ndure Cham is being accused.
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