PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Lang Tombong’s narrow escape. Tape recorder and Ndure Cham’s nephew.

Lang Tombong a friend or a foe for President Jammeh?
Former COS Ndure Cham’s nephew a soldier was planted at the state house in favour of his uncle and who else? This soldier who many call Ndure Cham’s nephew was planted at the state house for what? By who and who? These are questions many will continue asking themselves or asking others but so many answers are yet to be known. The last person to know all the real answers will be President Jammeh. He has been blindfolded by the very people he calls his loyalists.
How Lang Tombong jumped the gun? Is he all that loyal?
Close confidants of Lang himself have spoken. These are leakages that none of them can stop. Days before last year’s so-called coup d’etat Lang Tombong Tamba was approached by Ndure Cham’s nephew. Sources revealed that the soldier informed Lang about his uncle’s intensions to overthrow the APRC regime by force. It has also been said that after hearing this tip off Lang asked the same nephew of a coup leader to tape the man and then bring in the recorded version for evidence? Does this sound right? And Ndure Cham was able to escape afterwards? After spending the night at the house of another nephew? This is where some  soldiers in the army cannot agree with Lang’s version. There are some who believe that,Lang asked for the tape because he wanted to really confirm the coup was indeed in the making, so that he can join. There are those who see it as a move towards helping catch the plotters for President Jammeh? What concerns the sceptics in the army is this: Why would Lang have so much importance to Ndure’s nephew? To the extent that the chap is ready to sacrifice his own uncle?
This part was included in Lang Tombong’s testimony,however, there are soldiers I spoke to but they do not buy Lang’s story at all.
They keep on asking so many questions.
When he listened to the tape why didn’t he arrest Colonel Ndure Cham immediately? Who called Ndure Cham to give him a hint?
President Jammeh thinks he can escape this mess? He cannot.
His own henchmen are the very people who maintain good relations with the people they accuse. Did President Jammeh himself check the phone records from gamtel immediately after the so-called abortive march coup? Did Mod Lamin Jarju investigate that part for him? If not,why not? There are soldiers who strongly believe that state guards indirectly helped Ndure Cham escape arrest.
How Lang Tombong pre-empted everything to help him and his men escape President Jammeh’s anger.
An insider revealed serious things. He said as soon as Lang Tombong received the  the tape from Colonel Ndure Cham’s nephew he convened a meeting between him,former IGP Ousman Sonko,Captain Badjie and others. His meeting with these people has never been unearthed by the NIA why? Or why not?
Lang Tombong Tamba knew very well that there were soldiers who suspected his closeness with Ndure Cham and the nephew. He was panicked and confused according to close sources. This made him jump and then call the President in Mauritania to let him know what was going on. He instead of sealing the borders and then lead a team to arrest Ndure Cham, chose to implicate his long time enemies. Messrs Abdoulie Kujabi and Late Daba Marenah. He did so to cover himself. He knew these were the very people who could have unearthed his role as intel officers. This is the very way his circle of evil men created a rumour to implicate former DG NIA Samba Bah. The same can i buy finasteride over the counter rumour came from state house it  never originated from the reporter of the Independent paper. Never ever was it originally from this poor journalist. This is why they the same evil people rushed to convince President Jammeh to arrest the journalist and then close the paper. They are not helping maintain security,they are instead concealing every possible trace that can lead to their arrest.
Lang Tombong and Abdoulie Kujabi have always been secret rivals. This is what him Lang and his boys call the Sintet-Dobong problem. The Sintet thing is between the Sintet Tambas and the Dobong Kujabis. This is how Lang Tombong entrenched people like Essa Tamba,Aziz Tamba around the President. Of course they will pretend that they are in favour of Aziz Tamba’s arrest but that is far from the truth. They are angry with President Jammeh for having arrested Aziz. This is a hard fact and they know it.
The same Tambakunda boys in the army or state guard implicated Cherno Boggal in this coup.
Lang Tombong Tamba should and must not expect some of the soldiers who know his slimy side to keep quiet. They are not happy about the way he has escaped all these years and they know how evil he is. President Jammeh has to know one thing. Even if people do not like him,many would prefer his ruthlessness over being ruled by thugs like Lang Tombong,Musa Jammeh and Essa Gibba. So imagining how evil these people are is anyone’s guess.
Essa Gibba’s plan to execute Kukoie Samba Sanyang over past cleevages, was foiled.
It is public knowledge that Kukoie Samba Sanyang was welcomed by his kinsmen from Foni to rejoin and rejoice with President Jammeh. This invitation was not meant to be peaceful. It was a bait. Essa Gibba whispered into President Jammeh’s ears something nasty when Kukoie came back home. He told President Jammeh that,him and his boys(those who went to escort Sanyang alias Dr Manneh) from Dakar,could eliminate Kukoie and then blame it upon the man himself. They wanted to frame Kukoie and say he instead wanted to kill them therefore they reacted in self defence. He narated some problems that ensued between him Gibba and Kukoie while they were looting and raping people in Liberia. President Jammeh forgetting that Essa Gibba himself is worse than Kukoie agreed upon the move as usual. He gave them the green light to kill Kukoie. President Jammeh does not hesitate to kill anyone as soon as he convinced by any liar that
particular person may want to remove him from that seat. Essa Gibba who had a different problem with Kukoie was ready to lie only to kill the man. Kuloie although a person whose name bears blood on it, does not deserve being tried and killed by other killers. He should be tried one day by decent folks not criminals and killers. Kukoie escaped because one of Jammeh’s kinsmen advised the President to be careful of doing that.
There are people who believe that Kukoie is presently working in tandem with President Jammeh,however, a close state guard says thats not true. He instead said if ever Kukoie sets his foot on Gambian soil during Presiddent Jammeh’s time he will chopped like wood. Anyway President Jammeh has to know that those Liberian-Gambian mercenaries he is using to kill people will be the ones who will chop his own head sooner than later.
More is on the way before the coming July 22nd celebrations. I mean business,God knows ‘Bulfaaleh’ means real business once again.
Stay tuned…..
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