PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Haruna Jammeh’s wife died out of shock! President Jammeh’s mother embarassed again! PresidentJammeh’s evil will stay with him during his life time and live after he dies. This morning I had to rush to Bwiam to collect information from a person who says she is so desperate and helpless. She is helpless because President Jammeh has since kept their brother away from them for the past two years. They the immediate family have infact done the traditional “charity for the dead” for Haruna Jammeh,Sajar Kujabi and others. These deep and bitter feelings are so real in Kanilai. The Jammeh family is held hostage by a person claiming to be part of them. Some of them have deep social and matrimonial secrets about President Jammeh’s own life history from childhood to now. However, they feared to release it in the open. They feared because he would know who and who have access to such information,this of course will lead to more arrests and killings. On the contrary today this person I met said she cares less now. Let Jammeh do anything he wants but she decided to give me the first round of information. What angered the Kanilai woman I met at Bwiam. The woman who was in tears constantly kept on using her head tie to wipe these tears. I could not control myself,I had to shed tears too. It was so painful for me to sit there looking at this sorrowful scene. The woman said she was advised by a state guard to come and meet me. This state guard is without doubt one of my close sources. I met her and listened attentively. The woman revealed to me that Haruna Jammeh’s wife died a couple of weeks back. She died out of depression and shock. She died because her husband was abducted two years ago,to date no one can say or know where he is. Many believe that Haruna is dead. Infact this was reported by me months back. Haruna Jammeh is one of those people President Jammeh calls elder brother. It is also believed that Haruna is one of those people who have deep secrets about the President’s own past and present life including his parents. This for President Jammeh is just not good for him, as someone who always wants to be mystified. He hated Haruna so much so that it was known in the open. Finally Haruna was abducted and the high probability is that he died after being subjected to severe torture by Jammeh himself. The woman from Kanilai continued to say that they the immediate family do not believe that President Jammeh’s last name is Jammeh. They know how his parents came to Kanilai from Casamance. They also know how everything was patched as a false legacy. She really feels sorry for her family because President Jammeh has denied them every decent right to stay untouched after he leaves office while he is torturing them at the same time. These poor “real Jammeh” clan family members are so desperate. They are neither enjoying Jammeh’s days nor do they expect to enjoy when another regime replaces him. This according to the woman is not the least fair to them. According to her Haruna’s wife died because she had stroke. Her stroke was caused by the shock she encountered after her husband was abducted and beaten in her presence. President Jammeh’s mother,Mama Assombi Bojang embarassed again! It is now clear that Mama Assombi Bojang is tied to President Jammeh simply because she is the man’s biological mother. If not she would have disowned him period. Can you imagine how much pain this woman is going through? She is a traditionalist,she like any of our mothers,fathers and uncles really favours making peace between family members. A traditional right her own son is denying her every day. She was so embarassed when she went to pray for the dead former Mrs Haruna Jammeh. She knows what caused the demise of her distanced daughter-in-law(what she called the deceased). She could not even talk that much because she had in the past received delegations from the same clan asking her to help them tell her son to release Haruna because his wife had a stroke and was going to die if he is not released. This is what insanity breeds! The President never cared about feelings because his mind has been turned upside down. He is no longer with the normal minds. His isn’t functioning like those who care for peaceful co-existence. Well if President Jammeh can do this to his own so-called elder brother,who else should expect mercy from him? This is why his latest reaction towards the HIV/AIDS patients on the Gambia Television is just the tip of the iceberg. He will arrest some of those patients and dump them at mile two just watch. Haruna Jammeh’s immediate family refused the right to mourn. There is no written document banning them,however,they know what it entails if anyone of them decides to mourn the dead in the open. Mourning usually includes narating the past good things that the deceased did for his/her people. Certainly if the close relatives of Haruna’s wife were not scared they would not hesitate saying a lot about what she told them during her last hours. Who dares say so? President Jammeh would never allow those kind of speeches anywhere on Gambian soil let alone in Kanilai village! No way! The woman I met said she may even relocate out of Kanilai. She infact said that she prefers living like the Casamance refugees,because she is no better than them. This tickled me to ask her more on that. She looked on both sides(left-and-right) and then whispered this to me….”There are many people(Jolas) in Banjul who would never want to be called one. They prefer speaking Mandinka because they are ashamed of this insane “Kuffaraku”. The word means a witch doctor who uses roots,leaves and other plants as medicine. Despite being so much in pain and sorrow she laughed when talking about President Jammeh’s so-called herbal medicine. Infact she said their spirits will never allow President Jammeh to succeed in his latest campaign as herbalist. During that moment I told her a doctor in Morocco could not see anything positive in the blood samples President Jammeh sent to them for testing. She appeared very happy to hear that. She then said…”One day he (meaning President Jammeh) will be tied under a tree like a chicken” She swore on the graves of her ancestors when she said this. She also refused to blame the President’s mother because she said the old woman is innocent. Infact she revealed that the old woman is never happy with her son. She keeps on crying every night when such things happen in the family. Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, April 24, 2007) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper, LLC. : Powered By PointClick : Term

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