PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Harry Sambou at MILE TWO JAIL Confinement wing.

Harry Sambou at Mile Two Today is the day of another element on the long list of people to be dumped by President Jammeh’s machine. Some months back Harry was rehired and raised to higher heights. As soon as Harry boy was taken in I ‘Bulfaaleh’ was never convinced that, Harry was in President Jammeh’s good books. I wrote this moons ago. Harry boy was warned but he never heeded. Even if what I was writing was not pleasant for Harry and Willy ‘Rat’ they as a family should have heeded for the sake of saving their jobs. Harry was warned to stop talking too much. Because of that habit he was called ‘tammeh’.The same ‘tammeh’ habit was why President Jammeh called him a Russian double agent. He was called a a Russian double agent because of three reasons. 1/He studied in Russia before, 2/He talks too much, 3/President Jammeh used the word Russian ironically but he was refering to diplomats from western Europeans countries serving in The Gambia. Diplomats Jammeh suspected of meeting and talking to Harry all the time. Harry at Mile TWO. What next? Harry Sambou was so somber on his way to Mile Two. He was picked up by the boys he was using against Abdoulie Kujabi,Foday Barry,Ngorr Secka,Baba Jobe,Baba Saho,Daba Marenah,Salmina Jobe, Samba Bah and many others. Harry is presently at the confinement wing. He is today a guest of Abdoulie Kujabi and Baba Jobe. Infact Harry being taken directly to the confinement wing means a lot. There is no doubt in my mind that one thing took Harry boy to Mile Two. This thing is nothing other than his his loud MOUTH. The details being revealed from within are all based on what he said or leaked. I will not do the Jammeh agents a service here. I will leave them pronounce their findings before revealing what I received about what Harry did. Harry if not killed will obviously receive a nasty treatment from his own boys. President Jammeh thinking about dismantling the Mighty NIA? Talk of town! many are whispering the same message ie President Jammeh may want to dismantle the NIA? And then call it what again? This name has been one one of the worse omens for President Jammeh’s government. He may as well ban NIA and then simply set up something new and different. Presently President Jammeh’s name is just so bad within the outside world. He is facing the worse nightmares as far as his cabinet is dreaming of seeing good governance in Banjul. He cannot escape this name or stigma where NIA is striving harder and harder to maintain its wicked methods of torture. The same NIA is the main source of misinformation heading towards President Jammeh every morning. The questions are…Why has Jammeh been so naive before the NIA files of deception and false reports against innocent people? Has he been encouraging them to frame people? Or have they been capitalizing on his weaknesses? Or have they been waiting for his whims and caprices when ever he is angry with someone or suspicious of that particulary individual? What our innocent civil servants and laymen are saying today does not exonerate the NIA if President Jammeh where to leave the state house this evening. The NIA and President Jammeh’s long list of bad records are two in one single body. At this moment President Jammeh is so worried if not very angry with the NIA.This is a fact and has been so for the past months. From march 21st 2006 to date President Jammeh has been biting his fingers calculating how he could disown the NIA. I think the writings are on the wall for the NIA to see before it is too late. Will President Jammeh invite Samba Bah,Kebba Ceesay or other Gambians to head the NIA again? As the NIA has been a pool of infighting it will be very diffilcult for any of these poeple to come and head this place without thorough cleaning. The NIA has to be revamped,cleaned and changed completely. This agency has and should be there to protect the nation not the leader’s personal feelings. If the agency were to be honest its directors would have been resiging instead of being arrested and jailed for misinforming the President. Why do they misinform the President? Because he himself likes hearing things that make him happy or be the bravest on Gambia soil. In that case NIA directors capitalise on it to blow his ego and then gain access to his ear. As soon as they do then next will be nothing but cooked stories and lies to help frame people. The NIA frames within its own compound and then goes beyond. This is how Harry boy succeeded in wiping out people like Ngorr Secka,Nuru Secka,etc etc. He also started planting his own elements. Infact as I am writing this piece there are NIA elements who were loyal to Harry thinking about quitting. This is so dangerous for our country to say the least. In the very near future one should not be surprised if and when more people meet Harry boy in Mile Two. More will be revealed on this very sensitive national security challenge. As I piece this write up together, Momodou Hydara has been named as the new DG of the NIA. He is acting for now. More is coming… Posted on Monday, November 13, 2006 (Archive on Sunday, December 10, 2006) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper, LLC. : Powere

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