PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Fear Factor-Health expert worries if President himself is free from AIDS?

The need for screening donors and people who come into contact with patients before anything else starts.
“HIV/AIDS is a dangerous disease that no person should use for political reasons” these are the words of a health official I spoke with this morning. He was talking to me about the recent counter attacks coming from AIDS activists in South Africa against what President Jammeh is doing these days. This health official is really concerned because he said health is apolitical therefore should never be linked to political vibes.  President Jammeh according to the official I spoke to is indeed flouting every regulation governing their profession. He refered to the reason why doctors usually test the blood donors these days. He also refered to the reason why disposable syringes are used. He compared these professional methods to the risky way President Jammeh is using to “presumably” cure AIDS victims.
This according to the professional health expert is going to have very serious repercussions in the long run. He also quizzed himself by saying…”Infact have we as health experts been given the chance to test President Jammeh himself before he started coming into close contact with our registered patients?” He further said that if President Jammeh is mixing the curing of AIDS and Asthma within his state house “spiritual” laboratory means a big risk and challenge for them. He is worried because President Jammeh is using the same bottles and other containers over and over when he comes into contact with those he promises to cure.

The health official rhetorically said this again…”Who knows if the saliva left in any of those bottles can spread fatal diseases to another patients? For example those suffering from asthma may not have the AIDS virus in their system,so President Jammeh himself maybe responsible of helping spread the AIDS virus because his containers are not sterilized after using them…” The health expert said that there so many ways Jammeh is capable of helping spread the AIDS virus, because of his unprofessional methods when handling a deadly situation like this one. On the other hand President Jammeh himself if not tested now, may later on spread the disease if he himself is a victim!

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