Who is Abdoulie Bojang? Why FJC feels he has come to replace her?
The present deputy speaker’s name is Mr Abdoulie Bojang. He is from a village called Foni Sangajorr. Mr Bojang until some months back before his sudden journey into politics was a teacher at Bakoteh School. He was taken directly from the classroom to become deputy speaker. His cv may say something else in writing because we know that he was aided to beef it up.
Here is a list of things exposing the internal fights in parliament now.
-The national assembly is currently divided into camps. Some camps are known others are not known One of the hiding camps is so deep, it is only those who belong to the cult-like seditous moves who know what is taking place. The head of the hiding and seditious camp within the national assembly is FJC herself.
-In the surface there are committees presenting themselves as sub-groups sharing the load with the speaker and deputy speaker. That is not the case.
These committees are meant to recruit secret fighters for FJC or corrupt those who are gullible to side with her.
She has already targeted someone like Abba Sanyang. Abba has been compensated with being a member of the ECOWAS committee. This committee is seen as a privilege by some weak-minded NAMS. That is why FJC was harping so much on Halifa Sallah’s membership on that when he was a NAM.She did not want the man there because Sallah was a hurdle for her dirty deals. NoW that Halifa is gone she is using the committee as a bait to recruit more bad elements.The state house can use the NIA and see if I am simply trying to dirty her name for no reason  or my revelations are based on facts? They will see for themselves.
-Abba Sayang was heard thanking FJC for adding him to that committee. This is a committee where NAMS like Abba can get perdiems for no reason. Infact some NAMS at the public accounts committee who are not in favour of these deals think it is better for them to probe such activities as time goes on. Why would FJC handpick people to travel when travels and assignments should be based on what the NAM is question can do?
-FJC is the only speaker ever who travels with a protocol officer.These people she favours over others call her the ghost VP or President. One of them said this to me yesterday…”Fatou is the only one who can take over from OGA Jammeh if he was to be so sick all of a sudden.She has been mandated by the constitution to usher the affairs of the country for 90 days in a situation like that..Fatou should also be the VP because she is more active than Isatou” the NAM I spoke to said.
-FJC is working too hard on many fronts. She has certain people in her diary she really hates. One of them is a female cabinet member(name withheld) for now. Fatou also has her plans to undermine Abdoulie Bojang the current deputy speaker. Even though Bojang sees himself as the president’s uncle he should be careful. FJC strongly believes that Bojang is being groomed to replace her. She talks about it and she believes in it.
Posted on Sunday, June 24, 2007 (Archive on Sunday, July 01, 2007)

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