PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Essa Gibba,Mod Lamin Jarju DIG-NIA,Lang Tombong-Cold Serial Killers! Who is Alhaji Essa Gibba? Alhaji Essa Gibba was born in the village of Ndemban The Gambia West Africa. He was a mediocre student. Later on he disappeared for a while from the country.He was one of those who escaped from home only to be groomed in Libya and then Liberia as a rebel fighter. Essa Gibba has the blood of innocent Liberians in his hands. He looted,killed and raped like any other desperate fighter who went to Liberia during the days of mayhem and havoc. Essa Gibba and others who came back to Banjul after killing so many innocent and unarmed civilians in Liberia were harboured by President Jammeh. Essa Gibba like Baba Jobe should be on the UN list of officials banned from traveling. He should be arrested and judged by the newly formed ICC-International Criminal Court. What Alhaji Essa Gibba is doing in The Gambia now. Currently Alhaji Essa Gibba lives in Talinding Kunjang with his immediate family. He is catering for his kids and family things he has denied so many orphans in Liberia,Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. Alhaji Essa Gibba did not stop in Liberia because he has tasted killing. In The Gambia today Essa Gibba is one of those people who lurk in the dark killing people for President Jammeh without being noticed. I ‘Bulfaaleh’promised President Jammeh that no stone will be left unturned now against the next July 22nd celebrations. President Jammeh will for sure see where he has offended our land and God. These are secrets he cannot keep. Essa Gibba was sponsored to attend the annual Hajj in Mecca Saudi Arabia in 2004. Him and others who succeeded in killing,implicating and framing helpless people were compensated with various offers from President Jammeh. He joined Aziz Tamba,Lang Tombong Tamba to frame people. Lang Tombong Tamba and Aziz were very instrumental in framing the former DG NIA Mr Abdoulie Kujabi during last year’s march coup d’etat. Who is Mod Lamin Jarju? Mod Lamin Jarju was the NIA Intel posted to monitor the GNA Gambia National Army. He has implicated so many soldiers. Some were implicated out of hatred,others were put in the hot soup because of girls and other social things. Infact sources have revealed that Mod Lamin Jarju’s own brother a former army officer himself was the one President Jammeh used to attempt the life of Lawyer Ousman Sillah. From 2003/2004 to now many theories have been advanced about who was sent to kill Sillah but the latest revelations are new and so authentic. The killers are not Thirteen Badjie or Pierre Mendy. No the killers are Gibba,Jarju and brother. Mod Lamin Jarju’s brother’s beef with former IGP Ousman Sonko over the mission to kill Ousman Sillah. This time around the state house insiders have gone wild. They have exposed so much to me. Mod Lamin Jarju’s brother and former IGP of police Ousman Sonko clashed behind the scenes over what sources called the failure to compensate a hitman after completing his mission. This guy whose name is known but we are keeping it to wait and see what the state house would say,was heard complainning over not getting what he was promised after shooting lawyer Sillah. There is no doubt in the minds of the state house insiders that lawyer Sillah’s life was attempted by state-sponsored agents. Jarju’s brother said in Jola at a place that he was sent outside to cut the parts of a person but his payment was reduced by Sonko. The soldier was bitter because he beleived that Sonko did not give him all he was supposed to be compensated with as promised before the mission. These are serious revelations that we will never keep under the rug. As promised the state house will see if ‘Bulfaaleh’ means business or not. This is a war to be fought without hesitation. President Jammeh must understand that people are so tired to be intimidated anymore by his craziness. Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2007 (Archive on Saturday, March 31, 2007) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper, LLC. : Powered By PointClick : Terms Of Use :

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