PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Elton Oil Co,Amadou Samba,President Jammeh-Crude oil exposed again!

Elton Oil Co deep secrets revealing President Jammeh’s dirty hands again!
E D Jobe the manager of Elton oil company,Amadou Samba and Dr Tamsier Mbowe are related on the matrilineal side. Their mothers are from the same roots. ED Jobe and Amadou Samba plus President Jammeh are the soul owners or share holders of Elton Oil. According to existing official files that have been revealed to me by a source from Abuja Nigeria,ED Jobe’s,Amadou Samba’s and Samuel Sarr’s names are stipulated on these powers of attorney that President Jammeh used to authorise the lifting of crude oil from Nigeria. This oil was the quota allocated to The Gambia,being the share Big Brother Nigeria was sending to sister Republics to support their economies. Although controversies do exist in Nigeria itself regarding the drilling and usage of its oil reserves ours could have been used to help our poor people very much. No instead the cargo or shipment of these drums of crude oil was diverted only to be hoarded as a private business between President Jammeh and a wanty family in Banjul. Amadou Samba’s finger prints have left marks on so many places. Samba’s mercilessness towards the national cake has been facilitated by a greedy head of state.
Who owns the premises of the Elton station on Kairaba Avenue?
The location belongs to Amadou Samba.It is being manned by his cousin ED Jobe. Jobe’s own paws have left clear marks on many places as well. He is the current chairman of GAMTEL’S board of directors. One can do the math and see where everything converges in favour of Amadou Samba,President Jammeh,ED Jobe and Dr Tamsier Mbowe. The same location on Kairaba Avenue is where the GPFZA-Gambia Investment Promotion Free Zone Authority is found. The person who was dictating the name to me from the President’s office was rushing therefore the meaning of the abbreviation stands to be corrected. Actually the GPFZA is being manned by a man called Kebba Touray who the caller said originates from Balanghaar Saloum area. The head of the Investment office should never attempt arguing this out please. If he reads this let him do his job and stay out of it. This thread we have followed has revealed so much. For sure Amadou Samba will not be able to sleep anymore by the time we are ready with him.
The caller said Samba like using marabouts to silence people,anyway on this Mr Samba has to be ready then. We have already released a lot more to foreign countries about his corrupt nature with concrete proves. Samba cannot be spared when President Jammeh is removed from office. Amadou Samba will eb a good thread to help Gambians regain their monies from off shore accounts after Jammeh leaves office.This is not like the usual internet attacks he has been seeing all these years. Mr Samba should also be ready to face a travel ban for being a facilitator of capital flight from Banjul to Switzerland and other places to be named afterwards. Let him take this as a joke and see where it will all end.
Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, April 24, 2007)
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