Effrih Mbaye’s voice on GRTS and other places castigating Gambian fora on the internet and Journalists.
No one in The Gambia today can say he or she does not know Effrih Mbaye. He was there during Jawara’s days and he is still there. The same Effrih Mbaye praises Jawara where President Jammeh is absent. People at the airport can attest to that. People at the state house know so.People close to the ‘frozen’ PPP  know so.
If President Jammeh was to be changed today a guy like Effrih would simply dust his small “risma” hat then follow the next regime. Usually FJC is attacked,however,Effrih is worse. With all his short comings as an unlettered person Effrih can mix a whole nation while using the bia of being a traditional griot. He is not a griot. He is not the same as his late mother Mary Samuel Njie. Effrih is a disgrace to the griot legacy. Griot is a term reserved for talented people who served as protocols during the early days of the kingdoms of Saloum,Cayor,Sine and Rip. Today we have a retarded “beggar” who sees no sense in what he says calling himself a super ‘Gewel’ or griot. This reminds Gambians of the of late Jali Bamba Susso and others like Lalo Kebba Drammeh. This is why Effrih hates people like Ahaji Sett Camara and the like. This is why he hates everything decent in his legacy. This is why Effrih allows to be used like a rag then thrown into a smelling bin.
Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay paid Effrih Mbaye a huge amount to castigate people she calls internet liars.
All this started after FJC read on the media that she was fired. She was abroad by then. She called every where to appeal. This made her get the job for a while. FJC was indeed fired. Jammeh changed his mind but still reserved someone from Kanilai as her immediate assistant. The person(name withheld for now) is right now working with her. Why then use Effrih to dispute a fact he knows nothing about? Effrih Mbaye of all people had nothing to do some days back but go on the air,change a whole program that was supposed to educate us culturally into a brawl in favour of FJC. Effrih Mbaye said people on the net should stop lying. Lying against who and for what? This is the question Effrih is yet to answer.
Effrih did not stop there he continued by mentioning FJC’s name saying people wrote that she was fired,alongside rumours were wild on the same topic.Which he said was mere fabrication. No Effrih Bulfaaleh is here to say that FJC was fired behind closed doors then taken in again after an appeal was made. Did you know that Mr loud mouth Mbaye? Effrih was prepared to speak because we all know that Effrih cannot even read the letter A let alone Z. People who grew up with Effrih Mbaye know him.He never liked going to ‘Daara’ neither has he even completed a full session at school. Today you ask Effrih he tells you “I attended Albion Primary”. Tomorrow the same person will tell you “I attended Malfa Primary”.
The truth is those who know Effrih can tell you that he completed no school,be it the one at home as a born “gewel” or the western one. I met a seasoned griot today who asked me to listen to Effrih when he sings. He only has few traditional songs he memorized,the rest is what he adds on when given money by anybody during festivities. President Jammeh can try sending Effrih to Sorano in Dakar or Bamako in Mali and see if he will not be disgraced like a cat in public. Effrih Mbaye is not Senegal’s Njagga Mbaye. He is not Mali’s Ami Koita. He is a “beggar”! He is not Gambia’s Sett Camara or his own mother Mary Samuel Njie. I am confident to say Mary Samuel will be shaking in her grave when ever Effrih stirs his shameless limbs on earth.
What has Effrih got to lose if he abandons FJC? Effrih himself could have replaced Alhaji Babou Samba’s religious ‘halams’ on radio gambia if he applied himself properly. Effrih Mbaye will be dealt with now onwards. If ever he opens his mouth again feeling the airwaves with his rude remarks he will kill himself when Bulfaaleh comes back. The internet will reveal things he said before. These things are not lies they are the truth.
Effrih Mbaye should be the last person to start insulting people.
Abba Sanyang from Foni Kansala National Assembly member who is a  Casamance rebel himself!
When I saw Abba speaking about Senegal destabilizing The Gambia I could not even breath properly. Abba? Abba is a known Casamance rebel,here is a rebel who does not fight with arms in the bush. This rebel uses hidden tactics to fight Dakar. Abba should be arrested and handed over to Dakar forthwith! Abba is one of those middle men who help Salif Sadio and others get Gambian passports. He runs errands for the rebels in the bush. We know Abba very very well. Abba did not even campaign during the last elections. So how did he win? President Jammeh campaigned for him with money and threats. The money is to buy wives against husbands and the threats are used to silence husbands that want to make noise. This is how Abba won period. Abba was set up by President Jammeh to raise the issue in cabinet. President Jammeh used three poles here. Sajar Taal,Abba Sanyang and Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay.
They are trying to make it look good officially before September. When the next UN general assembly will be held. Jammeh is preparing a very long speech against Dakar before that august occasion. I have seen slide shows of the speech in question. I do not want him to be arrested but I know the speech writer. His office is at the right hand corner. Jammeh knows this corner.
Abba Sanyang could not have avoided that assignment. He was told the day and time to raise the Casamance topic in parliament. He did exactly what President Jammeh asked him to do! Sajar Taal acted first then gave the ball to Abba to dribble. They will NEVER SCORE.
How President Jammeh “escapes” after  baffling Gambian with endless political “gaffes”? He uses slimy and dangerous characters to frame or accuse.
There is a reason why Bulfaaleh would always concentrate on the forgotten or unnoticed side effects of President Jammeh’s deadly calculations. His system tends to beat some of us Gambians because we always wait for the results of his actions then start reacting. Jammeh cannot be detected and removed only by a reactionary set of “genes”. He must be tackled by both ends that is,we have to be reacting then alongside apply proactive ways and methods. At the moment the masses are seemingly shouting over the daily observer’s editorial. This is exactly what President Jammeh wanted. To keep us busy whilst food,gas and drug shortages are hitting hard on our people.
He has succeeded at least even if it is 5% out of the 100 problems he is trying to cover. This is where some  are hated by Jammeh’s people. We do not allow the wheel to move because the group on the chariot are masked witches and wizards! They are evil for The Gambia and deadly for Africa.
Count down towards the next July 22nd Celebrations…
These days we are on a count down towards July 22nd.
Next we will treat why Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay feels insecure?
Why she also does not like the idea of someone from Kanilai being her assistant?
Where she complained and what she is ready to do in case Jammeh fires her.
The person she spoke to met me ten minutes after.
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