PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-E D Jobe Elton Oil,Dr Mbowe,Amadou Samba-deep secrets Jammeh exposed again!

Who is Dr Mbowe The Gambia’s SOS For Health?
Exactly as we promised Gambians home and abroad,we will never leave any stone unturned when it comes to detecting and exposing President Jammeh’s deceptive moves. President Jammeh is indeed not alone in these callous styles. He has reckless people like Dr Mbowe barking for him at the back yard.
Dr Mbowe GP-General Practitioner,lower than expectations.
Dr Mbowe the one that President Jammeh is using to brag the WHO would have been a medical clerk near some specialists. Mbowe is nothing other than a GP-General Practitioner. He did not specialise on anything competetive as far as serious research in medicine is concerned. People like Mbowe can only thrive under the current leadership in Banjul. Usually practitioners like Mbowe are equivalent to what people call the “Residents” in countries like the USA. For example if Mbowe was to prescribe for someone in developed countries his prescription would be supervised or revisited by a seasoned surgeon with recognized specialisation. Gambia has these type of specialists example Messrs.Dr Samba,Dr Gassama,Dr Dwanda,Dr Gaye,Dr Ceesay and others not this drunkard everyone is calling a doctor. No wonder Mbowe decided to put his licence on the front line,because it worths nothing much, compared to those who are marketable any where else. He is not marketable,he can earn a job but not a huge one like Dr Samba,Dr Waaly Ndow and others if he was to go out and join the Inernational competition. Dr Mbowe is like a generic computer. One brings in every piece puts these pieces together then gets the generic computer. Of course it is a computer but not a brand name like Dell,Apple,IBM etc. Dr Mbowe’s type are the “cloned” practitioners who care less about the ethics of their noble profession. Dr Mbowe is known as a drunkard in Banjul,whose life is spent near the debris of guiness,stout and palm wine. These type of lackeys should not even worth a topic around the globe.
This is why the WHO and others will never entertain discussing issues with a man like that. He is seen as GP-General Practiotioner. This type of training was offered outside The Gambia because there was no recognized university to train people on that within the country at the time. This is why even Gambians pursuing HDA-Higher diplomas in agriculture had to go to Nairobi Kenya for training in the past. So many Gambian graduates in the field of medicine chose to pursue paths that are higher than what Mbowe is using to brag in Banjul. He is nothing as far as specialisation is concerned. Mbowe will meet a stiff challenge if he chooses to defend himself on this. We are so ready for him.
Next is the thread linking Dr Mbowe to Amadou Samba and ED Jobe of Elton co.
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