ANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Confirmation of Fatou Jahumpa’s treachery-Duta Kamaso and Ndey Nji

Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay stealing people’s privtate passwords,framing others  betraying her former close pals like Abdoulie Kujabi and Baba Jobe.
I was giggling when someone told me that, Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay is bragging around town saying,I have been finished! Finished by who and when? ‘Bulfaaleh”s strategies aren’t for sale FJC? You will learn a little bit of how I have been trailing you and many by the time these coming weeks come and pass.
Fatou Jahumpa implicated Ndey Njie former NAM and Duta Kamaso former NAM.
Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay is just so dangerous!
When dangerous is used as a word in many cases it can be interpreted as a place or situation where fatal or uncompromising risks exist,however,there may still be chances for affected victims. On the other hand when the term “extremely dangerous” is used means a situation or place where high and deadly risks are found. Usually this goes with very limited chances of escape for any victim. Under President Jammeh and people like Fatou Jahumpa one can say the situation can be “extremely dangerous” for anyone they target as prey. President Jammeh does not only stop at politics,he targets people because of many other things like money,women and business matters.
Who does he use? People like Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay. She has always been near Jammeh for the bad or for the worse, because there is nothing good around the two of them.
Ask your selves the question how could Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay still be near President Jammeh after him having ejected individuals like Abdoulie Kujabi,Baba Jobe,Ramzia Diab,Buba Baldeh and many others? The answer is because FJC is ready to sneak and kill for President Jammeh whether the man is misled or accurate in his endless line of whirling accusations. This is why FJC is “extremely dangerous”.
The same FJC implicated Abdoulie Kujabi and Baba Jobe.She did it and then acted as a sympathiser. She was only exposed in Duta Kamaso’s case but she has been doing these behind the scenes dirty games against people who would have never suspected her. The same woman tried implicating Halifa Sallah but has so far failed. We will say so far because she is more than ready to stain or slay the man whenever she gets the chance to do so.
Halifa’s invitation to Butswana was a big shock for her and President Jammeh.
On Ndey Njie former NAM information filtered that her personal items were stolen from her lady’s bag during sessions at the national assembly. These papers and documents were later on subjected to the worst forgery and framing lies one can ever imagine on earth.
This forgery and framing lies according to my source is what FJC used to cause a complete rupture between Ndey the NAM of Lower Saloum and President Jammeh the leader of the APRC Party. President Jammeh openly warned Ndey Njie by sending indirect messages to her saying “if ever the APRC was to be won in her constituency I will handle her like a dog!” President Jammeh said this because he was told by FJC that,Ndey Njie was planning to undermine the efforts of the APRC NAM who replaced her! That was a big fat lie.
I personally had to travel to Lower Saloum and see the realities on the ground. Infact some of my sources there said that,Ndey Njie is such a staunch supporter of President Jammeh, they believe he was testing her to see how loyal she is but he does not dislike her. Even though Ndey is related to former Protocol chief Demba Njie who is not in Jammeh’s good books,they still believe Ndey is a staunch supporter of the party. Who cares if Ndey is a supporter of APRC or not? We only care because we are interested in exposing a liar called Fatou Jahumpa? Did FJC allow those people to meet and talk to President Jammeh? She would never do that. Did President Jammeh encourage them to meet and talk to him? He as usual was so immature that he never wanted to listen to anything other bad news about Ndey Njie. The problem with President Jammeh is that he is what people call “one-ear”. A person who is always ready to take in and believe those who come first and misinform him or her. This is why Jammeh believed that Kujabi and Daba Marenah wanted to over throw him. Can FJC love Jammeh more than Kujabi? That is completely false if Jammeh thinks like that.
Can FJC be more an opportunist than Kujabi? That is completely true if anyone tells that to Jammeh. The same FJC used these dirty tactics to implicate Duta Kamaso former NAM. Fatou Jahumpa was being accused all these years for having some discreet relations with her boss. Isn’t she was suffering from guilty conscience? She is indeed. Therefore the reason why she rushed to send an email to the freedomnewspaper disguising as Duta. FJC forgot that people never trusted the observer story. How could people trust them when they tried using Pa Nderry Mbai who is all the way in the USA only to make a name for Jammeh? What happened afterwards? Editor Papa Mbai was exonerated from that mess by the revelations from reuters and reporters without borders.  FJC claims to have been a journalist herself before. This is how she cunningly organized a foot ball tournament between journalists and the state. It was hoax,sources have revealed that she wanted to use this to enable her dig more into the privacy of these journalists. She had her preys anyway. It was after these hypocritical football matches that a lot happened. Sure FJC stole as much private information as she could from these poor and unsuspecting professional journalists.
She knows what I am saying here is absolutely true. Her behind has been exposed. She will be shocked and maddened by the waves of revelations that will be coming from this end, during these days. The President Jammeh mafiosi has to brace up because am back with a lot of cases to be revealed on line. I am very happy because I have finally gathered a lot more from NIA agents and the office of the President. Some of these people can spill all the beans because $50.00. President Jammeh has to know he used money to buy votes,therefore I am also using money to gather worse details on him. Nothing wrong in playing a game with a doping playing as far as he cannot win. He will be won on two edges. He will be won the game and then be captured tested for doping. The end result means President Jammeh will regret having done some things before he will be taken out of power.Special greetings to those who appreciate what we write. More will be coming in once again.
Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 (Archive on Saturday, March 31, 2007)
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