Muhammed Bashi is going round Ports Authority to take over the place with some Kuwaiti “merchants”

As we write this story Muhammed Bashi is walking around the premises of Ports Authority with some Kuwaiti “merchants”. These people have been dragged into the President Jammeh-Muhammed Bashi-Lebanese cartel in Banjul once again. They are here to end the last piece they as vampires are ready to eat from our decaying national carcass. The name Vampires was given to them the Lebanese by President Jammeh himself in 1994 and also in 2002 when the dalasi was floating at a rate of D36 to $1.00 Now are these Lebanese locusts without without wings? This maybe more serious because they can only end their lives in Banjul. No wings means no possibility of flying again. Jammeh is a very dubious character when all is said and done. Has he forgotten that? He also called them locusts that destroyed Sierra Leone and Liberia. So aren’t these locusts already in his own farm now?

Now lets list the already dead parastatals:

1-GPTC is in the RED out of touch thanks to Kebba “Tess”Touray and former director Humma. Their Volvo deal finally buried GPTC. The Gambia is still bleeding while repaying a loan of Volvo buses that have been grounded.

2-GAMBIA CIVIL AVIATION- is in the RED thanks to the state the house The Gambia lost the services of a competent person in the name Maimouna Taal who was charged with bogus economic crimes then later freed by the law itself. She was charged because she refused to award a contract to companies like Boto Construction a company that belongs to President Jammeh himself as an anonymous owner. She renovated the Civil aviation head quarters. The vampires did not get the contract, they framed her. What a sorry state! Now here we have the most useless DG the Aviation has ever seen running it, a man called Nfansu Bojang. Of course Nfansu will be awarding those contracts to Jammeh’s companies knowing very well that he a square peg in round hole. For example the Airport’s second phase has already been awarded to Alharafi. A company that gave Sindola Hotel in Kanilai as a birth day gift to President Jammeh. They did so because they were so happy after buying Kairaba hotel where he is also part of the ownership. According to an insider the Banjul International Airport has NO FUNCTIONING RADAR at this moment neither does it have a Standby generator. Infact airport security experts are so worried because if a plane was to lose its bearings or direction The Gambia has no way of detecting it anywhere within the immediate horizon. Worse of all if an enemy plane was to fly over President Jammeh’s defense ministry would have been discovered as a Juke box.

This is why when Jammeh accuses dissidents of wanting to attack him it makes someone like I ‘Bulfaaleh’ laugh. These are serious security leakages classified as top secrets.

All this is as a result of mismanagement of the funds that were disbursed for the upkeep of the same airport from the very Kuwaiti “merchants” they are ready to milk again with the help of Muhammed Bashi.This is what we call KUWAITI FUNDS in Banjul. President Jammeh’s praising of the Kuwaitis and leaving Saudi Arabia behind was simply his usual style of “money-diplomacy”. He does not need the checks now he is yearning for raw cash. Jammeh says checks are detectable. He needs suit cases of raw cash and this is what Bashi and the Kuwaitis have done for him. We all remember the way Saudi Arabia’s cement lining wells helped us in our rural areas. This is what they call-SSP water project. This project was a grant from Saudi. It was not even a loan. Even the first Kanilai cement lining well was built by the Saudi SST water project. How on earth could a serious president forget all that? Asking them to do more is understood but saying they did nothing is callous and very ungrateful!

3-GAMTEL is dead and buried. Thanks to Neneh Macdoll Gaye and her husband Pa Gaye. These two together with General Tamba helped Bashi and the Lebanese heading GAMTEL access Jammeh’s circle with checks then deeply corrupted The Gambian President. This we will touch on later on. Neneh Macdoll and her husband finished Omar Ndow,Bora Mboge now they are planning on finishing the current Secretary General office of the President Mr Ousman Jammeh. Neneh and her cartel see Ousman as a hurdle between them and the President. This is why they use General Tamba,Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay and sometimes Balla Gaye SOS Finance when there is what they call a “Big Fish” in town. The latest “Big Fishes” are the Kuwaitis. For sure they will take over ports. The same way we revealed about the GAMTEL saga. No doubt the ports is gone and gone for ever as far as Jammeh is the President. The Ports if left under the current management can do well. One example is that the ferry spends the night at Barra this has been highly appreciated by commuters. Mr Gibba might as well perform much better than these Lebanese locusts and Kuwaiti “merchants”. Why is the President ejecting MDs who perform well only to replace them with international money launderers like Bashi?

4-GAMBIA Groundnut Cooperation is dead. The secrets that Jammeh did not want world bank to know. It was GAMTEL,AMRC-Asset Management and Recovery Cooperation and other parastatals which helped GGC pay their staff salaries!

This is a very deep secret President Jammeh,Balla Gaye and his band of Robbin Hood Robbers DO NOT WANT THE WORLD BANK TO KNOW. Presently pensioners cannot receive their pensions on time and the SSHFC-Social Security and Housing Finance Cooperation know so. Let them all be dragged before a commission of enquiry when Jammeh goes.

They cannot escape at all. To add more the SSHFC guaranteed GAMCO a company owned by Nigerian drug barons and Amadou Samba plus President Jammeh himself.

This GAMCO was set up to buy peanuts at the end went bankrupt only to be saved again by monies that were supposed to help poor pensioners. Can Amadou Samba dispute that? Let him try there is more on this dossier.

Now that they are yelling we will release secrets for the world bank to know. They know what that means in this current trend. Balla Gaye may be fired by the time we are ready with such revelations. Many more heads close to President Jammeh will roll too. You know why? Jammeh will never spare someone who can cause him lose his seat of power.

As soon as Jammeh landed at the airport from Dakar he started saying it is only Kuwait that helps other Islamic countries. That is a lie. He was simply trying to justify what was being cooked by Muhammed Bashi which I ‘Bulfaaleh’ detected as a TOP SECRET exactly as revealed here above.

Investor’s TOP SECRET Kebba “Tess” Touray again!

Kebba “Tess” Touray appointed to be Ambassador in Spain for reasons obvious reasons. His is an outcome of machinations between him Zack (the Spanish) and other things we will reveal here. Certainly there is a reason why GAMTEL and state house worked on blocking the IP of freedomnewspaper in The Gambia.

President Jammeh himself wants everything about investment particularly from Europe to be handled by his Touray-Zack mafiosi. Kebba along the way has caused enemies for himself within the state house and he will come to know them when he reaches NIA. He will of course reach NIA.

Kebba’s first move was to trying to understand the psyche of Jammeh. Which he thinks he has mastered now. Mistake Kebba!

He thinks he knows who to send to Jammeh and who to block for himself. But he does not know the counter intelligence unit around him. There are people ready to handle Kebba like they handled Aziz Tamba. State house Mr Touray is a dangerous zone,do not think you are close to Jammeh. Where is Boto?

Where is Lt Camara? Where is Manlafy Sanyang? Where is Yankuba Touray? Where is Baba Jobe? Where is Kuru Konjira? Where is James Kujabi? Where is Ansumana Kujabi? The list goes on and on. Kebba the state house is another zone. The rest you will discover when your family is groaning in pain. Where is your close friend Baboucarr Blaise Jagne? How about the namesake he has for you? There is a reason why I mention your name all the time Kebba “Tess” Touray.

The same goes to Muhammad Bashi. Bashi and team have you forgotten Tarik Musa? Tarik was deported with drips around his neck directly from the hospital. Did you know that? Even his doctor could not stop the NIA from deporting a man who had minor heart attack!

That is President Jammeh.

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