PANORAMA with ‘Bulfaaleh’-Balla Jahumpa,Fatou Jaw Manneh,Jammeh’s mother’sousin Fanta dies secrets!

Balla reported
FJ Manneh

Balla Jahumpa reported Fatou Jaw Manneh before she arrived.

This is something Fatou Jaw Manneh herself does not know! She was seen,trailed and reported by Balla Jahumpa to President Jammeh from a hotel room in Dakar. Balla may not know but Bulfaaleh has been trailing him too. He could not control his mouth when he was drunk. He then spat the secret out unconciously. Balla spotted the lady along the way where she may or may not remember and then called President Jammeh to inform him about her arrival time and date plus flight details. The President himself gave the details of the lady’s voyage to the arresting NIA officers. Fatou Jaw Manneh has to lie low or else her life is nearing excessive danger in days to come. If wants let her disblief these revelations however she will not say she was not warned. Balla Jahumpa and his sister are fully aware of how and why Fatou was arrested. They are 1 Million times involved in her arrest. I will refrain from saying too much because I want them to deny before shooting the arrows all over the place. I know FJC said I was silenced,okay? FJC this time around before July 22nd I promise you and many more in the regime Bulfaaleh will get you arrested,jailed and discarded. No jokes here.
Fanta Bojang the lady-in-waiting near President Jammeh’s mother died-Kanilai people accused of being the ones who used witch craft to eat her!
Sources close to Kanilai revealed that Fanta Bojang President Jammeh’s mtoher’s cousin died days back. At the moment accusations;counter accusations are spreading in the streets of Kanilai saying she was eaten by those who do not like her. This is why people like David Colley will suffer. David is from the other side of Kanilai being accused of being witches and wizards. President Jammeh will surely vent his amger on David.

The President’s own mother is said to be so scared for her life these days.
She wants to ask her son to stop his nonsense because she believes she will be next after Fanta’s death. This is a top family secret that President Jammeh never thought could be in Bulfaaleh’s diary.
Serious warning from Bulfaaleh to President Yahya Jammeh
I am also aware that he is using officials of foreign affairs to trail me home and abroad. They are working with the current IGP,NIA and airport personnel.
Jammeh is being briefed that Bulfaaleh is in Banjul sometimes, Other times he is made to believe that I am in Washington and so on.
Interesting times ahead because I will come down on President Jammeh in a way he never anticipated. President Jammeh  is expecting attacks from borders. His attack will be within the state house not borders! There is a reason why I was silent all these months. Now that enough has been gathered President Jammeh will certainly run away,resign or die. I have no doubt about that. If he was wise he would cut his losses short and leave. In days to come Jammeh will regret why he was born. Him and his people have angered Bulfaaleh so much with their latest schemes. I promised my uncle at Barra that I was going to reduce the heat but now that Jammeh is causing more evil I will handle him in a very very serious way. Every Gambian has to get ready for gloomy days before Jammeh leaves office. He will never leave peacefully. There are tactics on the ground to handle him along the way. No retreat no surrender!
Posted on Sunday, June 17, 2007 (Archive on Friday, June 29, 2007)
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