In another bizarre twist to the continuing revelations concerning Sarah Palin, it seems we might have to add Witch hunter to the long list of resume skills qualifying her to assume the second highest office in the land. If we go alphabetically it would come right after moose hunter.

One of Her spiritual advisers, in fact the man she directly credits with the prayerful intercession that resulted in her bid successful to become governor. The Reverend Thomas Muthee counts amongst his spiritual abilities, and I kid you not the title witch hunter”. Seems God told the good reverend and his late wife to head on out to Kenya a few years back and hunt down witches. According to Muthee witches are responsible for the growing Kenyan crime rate. And sure enough he was lead to a woman who God revealed was causing car accidents through demonic spells.

According to published news accounts of the affair, Witch Hunter Muthee was able through Gods power to declare beyond a shadow of doubt that a Kenyan woman named Mama Jane was in fact a witch. And in the traditional fervor which accompanies a good witch hunt. Muthee whipped the townspeople into a frenzy and got the police to raid her home.

Whilst praising Jesus and with guns blazing the Authorities successfully took the witch into custody and were able to shoot a pet snake Muthee identified has a demon. We are unaware if the servant of Satan and devil temptress confessed to her crimes outright or through traditional finger pricking methods and water boarding. But we can report the police released Mama Jane after she confessed and agreed to leave town.

At Governor Palins church the Wasilla Assembly of God, Muthee frequently references his witch hunting days in sermons as an example of the power of “spiritual warfare.” The good folk of Wasilla assembly, according to its pastor Ed Kalins believe God has destined Alaska as the official refuge for American Christians in the coming end days.

As a disciple of the gospel who spent time in seminary. I have read about and personally encountered many obscure, fanciful and just plain loony interpretations of God’s word. As cults and sects go, I would normally classify Governor Palins group as harmless, were it not for the fact she currently has a distant chance of becoming the next vice president of the United States. The more I learn about Sara Palin the more I think, dam near certifiable.

P.S. Burton Blogger Nations

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