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While President Elect Barack Obama hit the ground running this morning in preparation for what both parties and the current administration agree is the need for an unprecedented acceleration of the traditional process of transition. Sarah Palin is doing a little staging of her own. A reliable Palin source has confirmed the Alaskan governor is already making calls to nationally prominent social conservatives in a bid to marshal forces for a takeover of the Republican Party in the wake of yesterdays devastating across the board route.

As I stated in earlier posts, Governor Palin’s chances of successfully taking on entrenched establishment republicans depended entirely on the margin of President Obama’s win. The battle between democrats and republicans is over, on the republican side of the field the defeated are predominantly establishment loyalists which is great news if you support Sarah Palin. The battle for power begins Thursday just outside Washington when party leaders and elders meet to discuss what happens next.

The last time republicans were left so far out of the actual power loop in national politics was 1964 which is a good omen if you’re an evangelical social conservative. Provided Governor Palin moves quickly to consolidate what remains of the base. In this liberals opinion she is the odds on favorite to crush Mitt Romney who seems to be the most prominent establishment political making a pitch for post election leadership.

My source in the Palin camp tells me Sarah’s approach will be pragmatic, Sarah will do what Barack Obama did. Hillary Clinton curried the fat cat donors and relied on the democratic machine in big state primaries. While Obama quietly assembled a grass roots effort in the Caucuses and raised his cash a few bucks at a time on the Internet.

The Palin advisor also revealed for the first time Governor Palin is giving very serious consideration to running for Senator if Uncle Ted actually manages to keep his Senate seat and is forced out after.” It would depend on how things play out in the next few weeks remarked the senior Palin advisor, He has a slim margin and the votes still outstanding are mostly absentee ballots which would have been cast before the conviction and have always favored him in the past.

You have to understand the insider explained unlike most states the vast majority of folks in Alaska have personally met the Senator on many an occasion and call him Uncle Ted when they see him, he was and still is beloved by most who look at the corruption trial as more a political misstep than criminal wrongdoing. Kind of like if you have an older favorite family member who unexpectedly gets caught up in something because of age.

But the “BOMBSHELL DISCLOSURE“ my source related was the revelation Senator McCain told the Governor after the Couric interview. “if she felt the pressure of the campaign was too much” “he would of course understand if she wanted to with draw has his running mate.” Sarah was unaware Senator McCain was evidently hoping she would do just that.

Considering the really nasty things she just learned he had said about her to his aids. The Palin advisor said Sarah was simply stunned to discover, despite the outward show of affection by both Senator and Mrs McCain, it was John himself who was behind the leaks to the media.

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