John McCain is depending on Palin power to generate the kind of grass roots swell that delivers an upset November 4Th. Even GOP insiders admitted prior to Palins selection, the party strategy was to sandbag downstream and retain as many house and senate seats as possible in the face of an inevitable Obama landslide.

What a change a few days made. Over night the base became energized and pundits like Patrick J Buchanan were positively beside themselves with excitement. On Monday thanks to Palin power, the polls declared the race was now a dead heat. Social conservatives have convinced themselves they can proclaim almost certain victory.

I beg to differ, and suggest the GOP would have done better to continue protecting downstream house and senate seats to avoid a complete route come the late evening and early morning of November 4Th and 5Th.
Palin power has crested and the nattering nabobs of negativism are at last beginning to ask the kind of questions which reflect the emotions and concerns of undecided voters.

While she has yet to answer any questions from the national media. Sooner or later she must and they will be the kind of responses that inspire evangelicals and encourage the undecided to vote for Obama. Undecided voters tend to strip away the hype and rhetoric and focus on the facts and issues as they effect the individual being surveyed.

A majority of undecided voters when asked do not feel Roe-v-Wade should be overturned and strongly oppose abortion being outlawed even in cases of rape, incest and danger to the mother’s health.
A majority of undecided voters want access to affordable health care and feel the insurance companies cannot be depended on to provide it.
A majority of undecided voters want the Iraq war over and support a time table for troop withdrawal.
A majority of undecided voters feel the rich and big oil should be taxed and the middle class deserve a tax break and assistance with college tuition and day care.
While the undecided have yet to say who they will vote for, I think I know how they lean which is good news for Obama, not so much for McCain.

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