The McCain campaigns desire to shield its GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin from the risk posed by reporters asking questions, while still drawing high profile media attention to her meeting with world leaders backfired when the press corp. that accompanies the governors campaign revolted this morning.
Palin who has yet to hold her first press conference despite four weeks of campaigning, initially attempted to bar reporters from her meetings with world leaders today. But reversed course after they protested and threatened to cease coverage.
Campaign aides told the press pool that follows the governor they would not be admitted along with still photographers and a videographer taken in to photograph her meetings with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

When told “the decision was not subject to discussion”. Apparently the otherwise competitive press corp. in a rare and startling show of journalistic unity decided enough was enough. CNN which had been selected to provide pool images for T.V informed the campaign it was pulling its crew from the Karzai meeting, An action that would have denied Palin the very media exposure she was seeking during her first meeting with a world leader.

Facing a pull out by major media covering the campaign, Palin’s people relented and spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt quickly issued a statement claiming it was all just a “miscommunication.” While it may be boiler plate GOP strategy to attack the media when they start losing. Polls indicate the vast majority of a shrinking pool of undecided voters who will decide the race are not FOX network viewers. If Senator McCain hopes to rebound in the few weeks left till election day he can ill afford any more controversy with journalists covering his campaign.

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