In the wake of recent events, also known as the introduction to pit bulls wearing lipstick, it has become quite clear that there is a hidden form of feminism living in this very country. It is not the in-your-face type of pro-choice mantra that receives the media’s undying love—quite the opposite, in fact. It is a type of feminism that is living in both small-town and metropolitan America. It is the type of feminism that fights to exist in a world that worships scantily clad anorexic celebrities with breasts overflowing with silicone. It is the type of feminism that does not seek approval from the liberal left because frankly my dears, they don’t give a damn. It is, better understood and defined at this single moment in time as Palin Feminism and it has left the political elite in a tongue-tied frenzy.

Why does the idea that a woman can maintain a basic value system that embraces conservative views while preserving the long-standing argument that women deserve equal pay, rights, and respect seem to frighten so many? Perhaps the answer is simply that the word feminism has become almost synonymous with liberalism.

Governor Sarah Palin has unintentionally become the “sacrificial lamb” on behalf of this very point. The inconvenience of her stance is that many American women share these very beliefs—hence the almost immediate rush from the liberal media to quench the public’s fires of interest. With a booming career in politics and five children to boot, Palin is to conservative feminism what Angelina Jolie is to Hollywood, only Miss Jolie would NEVER be asked to explain why she dares have a career with so many children…that would be insulting.

Suddenly, Palin has been under intense media scrutiny for being either too much of a mother or not being enough of one. She enters the arena with one Down Syndrome newborn and one pregnant teenage daughter. While countless attacks against the Alaskan Governor use these facts to paint an ugly picture, this ugly picture also reflects what many American families see in the mirror. People, especially women, identify with Sarah Palin and this scares the pantsuits off of so-called feminist America. Palin is a true example of standing beside your convictions even when they are tested in front of the entire nation and people admire her for it. She represents the often scrutinized working mother and refers to her life’s burdens as “challenges.” She manages to exemplify both valiance and vulnerability—a unique mixture that appeals to men and women alike.

Palin Feminism stands to dispel the myth that a woman cannot be conservative while calling herself a feminist. The liberals have “hijacked” feminism, so to speak, and Governor Sarah Palin is taking it back!

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