Decades ago a rather insignificant individual made a statement during the water gate hearings that didn’t draw much attention on the evening news; he casually mentioned the fact Nixon taped conversations in the oval office. Some historians mark that day as the unstoppable beginning of the end for Richard Nixon.

Her Excellency the Governor of the Great State of Alaska, Sarah Palin will never become Vice President of the United States even if John McCain becomes President. One of the principle witnesses defending Governor Palin in the trooper probe, choose to avoid the error that sent Martha Stewart to Jail. They recanted previous statements offered to the probes independent investigator Stephen Branchflower.
Murlene Wilkes, whose company Harbor Adjusting Services, has the $1.2 million a year contract with the State to handle workers compensation claims. Admitted she initially lied when asked if the governor’s office ever asked her to deny a worker’s compensation claim for Palin’s ex-brother-in-law Trooper Mike Wooten.

Unknown to Wilkes a woman working for the company whose identity is being protected called the tip line Branchflower set up at the beginning of the investigation. According to the informant the governor’s office did pressure her to deny the claim. Confronted with the revelation, Wilkes did the wise thing. She asked to change her statements to avoid perjury and admitted the attempt to have her deny the claim was at the direct request of the Governor’s office.

Martha Stewart committed no crime in taking advantage of unsolicited insider information to sell stock; she went to jail because she lied to cover up that which was not criminal to begin with. Those still drinking the kool-aid will attempt to spin it down and it may take a couple weeks to become the lead story on the evening news cycle.

But like the revelation of Nixon’s tapes, the first domino has fallen. Links to official transcripts, detailed articles and probe sources for this post can be viewed here and here

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