“As a public official, I expect criticism and I expect to be held accountable for how I govern, but the personal, salacious nature of recent reporting, and often the refusal of the media to correct obvious mistakes, unfortunately discredits too many in journalism today, making it difficult for many Americans to believe what they see in the media.”

. . .Sarah Palin

Something has happened to the political landscape that most potential conservative candidates aren’t even aware of yet.  An astonishing, unintended “change” has occurred that will give candidates from the Right a definite advantage if they choose to take it.  A definite chink in the Left’s armor.  And that’s a dilemma because charging in and taking advantage of this new breach in the Left’s parapet will take courage and conviction.  Assets that even the best GOP politicians are generally in short supply of, especially in the higher echelons.  With the exception of a couple of “bold ones” the rest are all playing it safe.  Over cautious.

So what is this significant “thing” that has happened?  Simple, the biased, autocratic, domineering  Main Stream Media (MSM) has clearly given away its position and, as a result, they can no longer be called objective or respectable.  “What?” you say.  “you’re telling us something we’ve known for years.”   True, but the difference is that today, there are literally volumes written that prove, and expose, without a shadow of a doubt,  the hatreds and prejudices that the MSM have for Conservatives.   It’s no longer just the lone, pioneer voice of Limbaugh talking about it on the radio. Its now categorized and documented by a myriad of learned experts and available for any  conservative politician to reference.  At their finger tips.  Now the possibility of a surprise ambush by the MSM is almost non-existent.  This is huge. Conservatives can now make a legitimate case for a major break in relations with the various elements of the MSM.

So, what does this mean?   Is it now time to go on the attack?  Hit the MSM head on?  Kick them where it hurts?   No!  We can learn from beloved former Washington State governor, the late Dixie Lee Ray who took a confrontational strategy with the state media.  When a pet pig had a litter of piglets, she even went so far as to name each of the piglets after some of her worst adversaries in the press.  Dixie Lee was  a brilliant scientist but she made some serious missteps in her handling of the media which cost her a re-election.  Dixie was a no-nonsense gal, God rest her soul.   Not enough like her, sadly. 

Were I advising a contemporary conservative politician vying for a high public office, I’d tell them to take a look at how ** Danish politician, Fogh Rasmussen handled  the situation when an aggressive, left-leaning member of the Danish media began to pressure him to grant an interview.  In reality it was nothing but an ambush and Fogh knew it.  But he didn’t counter attack.  No, Mr. Rasmussen made a simple public statement: “it is an infringement of my personal freedom if I, myself, may not decide who I will speak to on a day to day basis”.  Surprisingly, that was the end of it.  Fogh simply ignored them, stuck to his principles and kept quiet.   I’m sure he then focused on his constituents.  Perfect.  A simple, respectful refusal – and then ignore them. 

Of course we can expect no such civility in our own political process. Maybe from the Conservative side but you can bet that the MSM counterpart will not reciprocate.    You see, the MSM considers itself a legitimate and legal part of that process.  When in fact they’re nothing more than a business trying to make money and they’ve been given far too much access.  They have no more rights than any other business other than their individual right to vote.    But they won’t see it that way.  Which is why any conservative politician who attempts to quietly banish them from “our side” of the political process will set off an unprecedented political firestorm.    And this will be an opportunity for Conservative  politicians to, once and for all, forget George Bush’s disgusting  “New Tone” and  grow a spine.  Regain some respect and stop pandering.

Politicians with a backbone?  What a concept.   They’ll have to learn just as Riot Police must learn.  Riot Police are taught to keep their fear, anger and emotions under control.  Not an easy task when being verbally attacked by a mob.  Only when the rioters cross a certain line and actually assault the police, are they allowed to retaliate. Until then, they remain silent with plexiglass shields locked.  The tuning-out and  expulsion of the MSM from the conservative side of the political process will cause an intellectual  riot of sorts.  Depriving these spoiled MSM brats of what they think they’re entitled to will cause the expected destructive conflagration.  Something to definitely be prepared for.  There may even be some small skirmishes.  Extra security might be required for restricted conservative functions so that disruptions don’t occur.  Yea, its going to take some real backbone on our part!  We’ve catered to these Constitution-hating leftists far too long and they’ve become accustomed to having their way.  But it is the MSM, through their own misconduct that have forfeited these privileges.  Privileges are not rights and can be taken away.

What would be the positive effects of this sort of decisive and courageous action on the part of Movement Conservatives?   Think of the time spent by Conservative politicians preparing for the hostile gauntlet that they require themselves to run through every political season.  They must shift their focus away from the Conservative Base and give rapt attention to the enemy in the MSM.  They must become as “walking encyclopedias”.  With knowledge and the correct pronunciation of every little tinhorn dictator around the world and the tiny nation they lord over.  They’re required to know minute details on all subjects or risk looking foolish on national TV.  The irony is that the vicious MSM will see to it that they look foolish anyway.  No matter how well prepared they are.  Can we remember the ’08 GOP debates?  The time it takes to maintain this charade totally shifts the politicians focus away from connecting and bonding with the actual voting Base that will, hopefully, elect them.  Exactly as the Left has designed and implemented it!   Such a tragedy that Conservatives have repeatedly fallen into this trap and allowed themselves to be manipulated to this extent. 

It has been Sarah Palin who has taken the worst of the full frontal attacks/barrages of the MSM and certain other well organized, well financed elements on the Left.  This fact is telling. 

If Sarah decides to pursue the 2012 POTUS, she should consider a departure from the traditional/conventional forms of campaigning and that will also include banishment of the MSM.  Going straight to the populace or working through “friendlies” of which there are ample.  She can learn much from the mistakes of Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter.   Sarah will need to skirt around the Left’s Maginot Line.  She should also avoid, like the plague, the well traveled thoroughfares that other GOP candidates choose to travel upon.  They’re lined with trip wires, booby traps and snipers peering down from tree tops.  Sarah can reach the same destination by traveling off road  along dirt roads and game trails.  Metaphorically speaking, of course. 

Darvin Dowdy

**Danish politician – copy/paste this url:  https://www.indymedia.ie/article/82913?comment_order=asc&condense_comments=false

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