I for one was impressed and excited By Governor Sarah Palins acceptance speech. Praise Jesus It hit all the patriotic points and touched all the right emotions. Problem is what she says is far different from how she behaves.
The gal eager to head to Washington and reform it talks a good game, but the facts tell a much different story. She is on record as having been in support of that bridge to nowhere when congress was footing the bill, and flipped flopped when Alaska was told it would need to finish paying the bill to complete it.
She is someone who praises free speech, but wanted to ban books in the library when she was Mayor. The Reformer who decried cronyism somehow still managed to spend her first year as Governor replacing dismissed state employees with old friends and cash contributors.
But I grant you this evening; the woman who says she favors moose meat over pork barrel politics energized the social conservatives.
Yet the fact remains the hockey Mom so gosh darn proud to send her son off to war, should thank Democrats for having exposing the fact. Those sons and daughters sent first went without body armor and supplies.
And when they came back wounded the GOP let them sleep with rats in Walter Reed, till the Democrats forced changes. Flag pin patriotism is a GOP staple and she delivered a full helping the rank and file will savor for days. But on the issues that will sway undecided voters in selecting who leads them.
The stark differences between the two candidates approach will decide the winner not so much the speeches about God, country and apple pie.

P.S. Burton Blogger Nations

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