Social conservatives are surely rejoicing and the former Georgian lobbyist who is one of seven on John McCain’s staff doubtless swooned over Sarah Palins interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson. Governor Palin continued her habit of truth twisting when she declared Russia was the aggressor.

In point of fact Georgia attempted to use the cover of the Olympic games to send her troops in to the disputed region. Which by the way is home to mostly ethnic Russians who would like a little independence of their own. Russia responded with what we can all agree was over kill. But Governor Plains distortion on who attacked first pales in comparison to the revelation, she wants Georgia in NATO and would fight a war with Russia over the tiny country.

Let Sarah be Sarah I say, a few weeks of Palin unscripted and even some republican women will switch to our side. The republican approach to the former Soviet Union is second only to the invasion of Iraq in diplomatic and policy blunders.
Under a democratic President, Russia had been an emerging democracy begging us for books on due process.

When Bush & Company came to power they saw a weak nation ripe for exploitation and diplomatic insult. While buddies of George saw a chance to make even more cash, career officers at state who objected were left out of the loop or simply fired. John McCain claims he sees KGB when he looks into Putin’s eyes, that’s accurate enough and to most reasonable individuals it would inspire a sense of caution.

But top gun McCain and his pistol packing side kick want to put the Russians on notice, if the American people elect them come November the worlds stage as well as our capitol will have a tough new sheriff to face off with.

Republicans simply fail to grasp the era of big stick and gun boat diplomacy will not upgrade to a flat earth, where every nation is becoming economically interdependent on the other’s common welfare and NATO like SAC should become a relic of the cold war.

P.S. Burton

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