Muslim Arab students demonstrate
in front of Al-Aqsa Mosque during
protests today against the ongoing
digging of a new path leading to the
mosque’s compound.

Violence erupted right after Friday prayers. Israeli soldiers rushed onto the Temple Mount to disperse Palestinian worshipers, including some who threw bottles and stones, who had gathered to condemn the Israeli government’s renovation project near the cherished Muslim holy site. Mind you that is near the site, not on the site. 

The Israeli’s have installed video camera’s in and around the construction site so that their work can be telecast to the Muslim people.  This so they may see first hand that the renovation near their Mosque is not damaging or affecting the Mosque in any way , shape,  or form.

Despite this Palestinians are rioting and threatening to destroy Synagogues.  Well since when did the Palestinians need a reason to destroy anything. You do remember the destruction of the Church that they caused in Bethlehem several years back? 

The hypocrisy reeks considering how many churches, innocent people – women, children, elderly – that they have slaughtered with no good reason.  This is nothing new for it has been going on literally since the 1960’s.  The Arab’s will just not leave the Israeli’s alone until they can annihilate them.

Even in light of Israel bending over backwards to appease the Muslim world — they are just not satisfied.  Always shrilling Jihad, death to Israel, hate the Jews, and the litany of their sick rhetoric goes on while Israel wants to live in peace.

The fact that Israel chose to install video cameras proves goodwill on the part of the Israelis.  So what is the Palestinians excuse now?

Honestly, the Palestinians and surrounding Arab Nations do not need an excuse because their brand of hate sees only red.  It is their brand of hate that in the end will see their own demise.

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