Palestinian President Abbas Tells Rice Coalition Talks Stalled

So what was our first clue? And is anyone holding their breath over the US being able to… I don’t know, wave some kind of magic wand, and sprinkle a little pixie dust and magically have the two factions sit down and amiably work out their differences? Maybe have a nice rainbow over the scene and a couple of unicorns with silver horns trot past?

I don’t believe in that kind of magic, although it seems that a lot of others may still. No, the Palestinians themselves are the only ones who can solve their many (and mostly self-made) problems… which they will be stuck with as long as they (a) blame everyone else for their problems and (b) look to anyone else to solve their problems for them.

I’ll have a bit of hope for them on the day the Palestinians do something positive for themselves… other than kill each other, Israelis, and the odd passing stranger.

Reuters is putting the best face on the matter, however.

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