After the Mumbai terror attack, it appears that Pakistan is falling apart.

The offer by the Taliban commander that they are ready to fight along with the Army is a matter of great concern as it indicates that Taliban and Pakistan army appear to be working together.

The two comments of Taliban  made recently, namely,  that they recognize Pakistan as the “Muslim State with Nuclear Capability” and that “Taliban will take over Pakistan shortly” read along with the offer of cooperation indicate that the end of Pakistan as a democratic country is near.

Whether or not India declares war on Pakistan, it now appears that Pakistan might start a war on some pretext. For a country which keeps uttering blatant mistruths such as “Kasab is not a Pakistani”, “We don’t have concrete evidence” etc. it is easy to say that according to their information, India started bombing POK and started a war.

If Paksitan starts a war this time, it wouldn’t necessarily be to fight against India but to integrate the Taliban into the Pakistan army and then take over the civilian Government along with the available nuclear technology.

In case Mr Zardari still has some pretentions of saving his country, the first thing he needs to do is for him to invite India and the United States to help him liberate Pakistan from the clutches of the Taliban and the rogue elements in the Pakistan army.

The common man in Pakistan who might still nurture hopes of a “Democratic Pakistan” needs to immediately take steps to stop Pakistan from being taken over by the Taliban.

In the past Pakistan has seen Military rule and it is not some thing new. But this time, the situation is entirely different since it would be the Taliban which would take over Pakistan.I reiterate that this is a threat to the world and not only to India.

In order to ensure that the nuclear arsenal does not fall into the hands of the Taliban, all civilized nations of the world need to come together for a joint action plan. China and Russia also need to join in. This is certainly a situation which threatens a “Third World War” however much we dislike such a development.

If an attack on Pakistan by a group of nations is inevitable,  it must however be kept short and swift to reduce collateral damage. The More we wait, more is the danger of the Taliban taking over the nuclear arsenal in Pakistan.

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