During the first few days after the Mumbai terror attack, several persons in India including me,  felt sympathetic to the new Pakistani Government under the impression that the Government is helpless against the terrorists.

However, now it appears that the Government is taking  a stand that “there is no evidence that the arrested person is a Pakistani”, “there is no evidence that LeT is involved” etc.

It has also refused to handover the terrorists demanded to be handed over to them.

It has also threatened to move troops to the Indian border.

The Pakistani Government has therefore taken a firm stand to stand behind the terrorists. Whatever may be the compulsions, it is clear that even the current Pakistani Government is terrorist friendly despite being a victim of terrorism itslef.

It is also necessary to remember that an AlQuaeda recently has made a public statement that they are due to take over Paksitan shortly. In the light of this statement, the surrender of the Pakistani Government to the terrorists assumes great significance.

If Alqueda has the support of the Pakistani Army, then it would not be difficult for them to take over the country either directly or through a puppet leader. Then the entie Nuclear arsenal will be in the hands of the Alqueda. Probably USA should be much more worried than India on this development since they have nursed the earlier Governments in Pakistan which now is the biggest enemy of the Country.

It is time the consortium of “War on terror sans Pakistan” should think of plans to disarm Pakistan and ensure that the terrorist network work there should be totally dismantled.

I would have been one of the happiest persons if the Pakistani Government had taken this opportunity to distance itself from the terrorist element. It is regrettable that this has not happenned. I hope the well meaning, peace loving pakistanis in this forum should suggest how the country expects to liberate itself from the clutches of terrorism and the stranglehold of Alqueda which appears to be engulfing the country.

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