Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf’s plane was fired at while taking off from a military airfield in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Friday — according to a Pakistani intelligence officer cited by .

According to the report, Musharraf’s plane arrived safely in the southwestern town of Turbat, where the president visited flood victims, and the military denied there had been any attack.

But an intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there had been an unsuccessful attempt on Musharraf’s life. “There was an attempt, that was missed,” said the officer.

A Reuters photographer saw two large guns mounted on the roof of a two-storey house in the congested area close to the airport, and a neighbour said he heard the firing. One appeared to be a long barreled anti-aircraft gun and the other a light machine gun. They were placed between large satellite dishes and a water tank of the flat-roofed house, located directly under the flight path close to the runway. U.S. ally Musharraf survived two assassination attempts by al Qaeda-linked militants in Rawalpindi in December 2003.

According to some accounts given by television reporters a rocket was also fired at the plane. But the Pakistan military was adamant there had been no attack. “There was no firing at the president’s plane. He is in Turbat,” an army spokesman said.

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