“No timely Communication” cited in Resignations of Two Congresswomen

Misdeeds by Congressional Pages Include Shoplifting, Oral Sex, Fist Fights

House Leadership Changes, Problems Remain

Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi moved quickly to snuff out “PageGate II”, the revelations that the House Page Board has been getting timely information.

These are the same charges that dogged Republicans last year after the Mark Foley scandal broke. House leadership knew but didn’t do anything.

Now it seems that those charges are back, even though the leadership of the House has changed from Republican hands into that of the Democrats.

Two members of the board resigned last week, calling attention to recent misbehavior of the pages that wasn’t received by the Board “in a timely manner”.

Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) and Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) both quit the Board after revelations of page misconduct that was known by the House leadership, but left the Board out of the loop. This is the same charge hurled at Republicans when the Foley news broke late last year.

Capito and Waite resigned to protest what they called lax oversight.

Five Congressional pages have been involved in misdeeds recently: two were expelled for shoplifting. The items shoplifted were “a large amount of merchandise; not a stick of gum”, according to a spokesman for Capito.

Two pages — usually high school juniors who serve Congress as messengers — have been dismissed for allegedly having oral sex in public areas of their Capitol Hill dormitory.

Oral sex in a public area?

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PageGate II: Pelosi, Boehner Order Investigation 


PageGate II: Pelosi, Boehner Order Investigation 

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