Supporters of  Beloved Saint, Padre Pio, Are Furious at Vatican’s Plans to Exhume Body

Forty Years After His Death, Padre Pio remains One of Italy’s Most Revered Saints

Is Exhumation a “Veneration”, i.e.,  an “Honoring of the Dead”? 

We’ve been getting conflicting reports as to why the Vatican plans to exhume the body of the beloved Saint, Padre Pio. Whatever the reason, Padre Pio pilgrims are hopping mad.

From the BBC:

The bishop of San Giovanni Rotondo announced at the weekend that the corpse would be exhumed and put on display for several months in the town where he spent most of his life.

Padre Pio, one of Italy’s most popular saints, was canonized in 2002. An attorney for the saint’s niece has threatened to sue calling the idea a “profanation of the remains of the monk.”

Padre Pio’s remains are interred in a church crypt in San Giovanni Rotondo in south Italy.

Church authorities say they want to display the body for veneration by the faithful for several months from April.

From the Telegraph:

The Holy See said the exhumation was simply to “check on the state of the body” on the 40th anniversary of the saint’s death.

It underlined that it was not digging up the body in order to verify Padre Pio’s controversial claim to have stigmata.

“We authorised it because it is a normal procedure,” said Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

“We have to value the state of the body and its conservation. We often do it.

Veneration is the act of “honoring” the dead.In it’s defense of the move, The Vatican points out the case of  St. Bernadette, who’s been on display since 1925.

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Padre Pio’s Fans Angry at Vatican’s Plans to Exhume Saint’s Body 


Padre Pio’s Fans Angry at Vatican’s Plans to Exhume Saint’s Body

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