Man, the World Cup was a long, long time ago, wasn’t it? It looks like German soccer is more dangerous than German military service is these days (unless you’re doing peacekeeping near Israel). At least if you’re a cop or a referee in one of the “lower” soccer leagues. Or a fan, of course. Or a player.

Over 80 people were injured in attacks in Berlin during a match against Dresden this weekend, for instance. But it’s becoming a problem everywhere, it seems. Things have gotten so hot in a little cow town called Siegen-Wittgenstein that 70 amateur games actually had to be canceled.

Whole new sports are developing around this wholly old sport, it seems. One is called let’s-force-the-referee-to-lock-himself-in-his-dressing-room. Another one is let’s-KO-the-linesman-with-a-beer-glass (out of plastic, and that’s hard to do). Even the officials themselves are getting in on the fun, it seems. One linesman stabbed another one with a corner flag the other day.

But at least once these matches are over, one can rest assured that everything will return to normal. You know, windows get shattered, cars get vandalized, subway trains get  tipped, any bystanders caught in the way get shouted at and insulted, pepper spray starts spraying, stuff like that. Then it’s Monday and everybody goes back to work.

And an entire work week of enforced civilized behavior like that in the office can really build up a lot of aggression in a guy, know what I’m sayin’?

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