Roderick Jones is facing charges of abuse of a corpse and burglary after he broke into a funeral home and tampered with a female corpse inside. Roderick Jones committed this act while the funeral director, Johnny Draper left Draper Funeral home located on Sixth Street in Monessen, Pennsylvania on July 13 to greet some friends across the street. In the 10 minutes that he was gone, Jones began to strip the corpse.

           While still outside, Draper noticed the basement light on inside the funeral home, and he decided to go back inside. When Jones heard him coming, he layed next to the coffin containing the repositioned woman in an attempt to hide. This was not Jones’ first criminal act. He had broken in and burglarized places in the past and had a conviction of an unrelated case of corpse abuse in Charleroi, Pennsylvania in 1999. Last month, Draper found that Jones had positioned one of the corpse’s legs in the air. Her stockings had been removed, and the plastic over her body had been torn open.

          Draper easily found Jones in his hiding spot and restrained him until the police arrived. Draper maintains that the home has an ideal security system and has never been broken into before. He also believes that he made it into the room before the corpse was abused. Now Jones is being held in the Westmoreland County Prison. According to a 2002 law, abuse of a corpse is defined as treating a corpse in any way that would outrage the family of the deceased including failing to prepare and bury or cremate the corpse in accordance with a contract made with the family of the deceased. This is considered a Class A misdemeanor unless attempted or performed sexual intercourse is involved which would make it a class D felony.

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