by Craig Dimitri

Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell continues his expected cruise to re-election, as he enjoys a stunning 41% lead over GOP challenger Lynn Swann in Bucks County, in suburban Philadelphia. 

In a poll taken for the Mike Fitzpatrick (R)/Patrick Murphy (D) U.S. House race, the results indicated that Rendell – a former mayor of Philadelphia – remains enormously popular in Republican Bucks County, which comprises nearly all of the 8th Congressional District, north of the city.

According to the Keystone Poll – from G. Terry Madonna at Franklin & Marshall College – the respondents stated that their partisan affiliation was 50% Republican, 40% Democratic, 8% independent. 

Among these voters, Rendell is the choice of an overwhelming 66%, with Swann lagging behind, as a distant, distant second at 25%, with 9% undecided.  The former football star’s campaign has been struggling to establish any traction in the southeastern part of the state, where Rendell – thanks to his stellar record as mayor of Philadelphia in the 1990s – remains exceptionally popular, particularly among suburban Republicans.

Rendell’s popularity can be juxtaposed with these voters’ breakdown in the U.S. House race, the central purpose of the poll.  The voters broke down into 50% Republican, 40% Democratic.  The respective candidates for the U.S. House seat received nearly exactly that partisan breakdown in support: the Republican Fitzpatrick receiving 48%, with Democratic challenger Murphy receiving 39%.  Swann enjoys only about half as much support as Fitzpatrick does, despite both being Republicans.

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