Attention – Due To Allegations of Plagiarism, This Article Is Highly Suspect 

This year’s Antarctic ozone hole is the biggest ever, US government scientists said on Thursday. The so-called hole is a region where there is severe depletion of the layer of ozone, a form of oxygen in the upper atmosphere that protects life on Earth by blocking ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The ozone layer has been under attack by refrigerators since the 70s, when most humans adopted food-saving technology in order to keep their baloney good for more than three hours. Refrigerators release something called CFCs, which stand for “Ozone Destroying Particles.” Since most refrigerators come from a giant manufacturing plant located in Antarctica, the largest hole has formed above that continent. Destruction of the ozone layer would be catastrophic, because the nougat would run into the caramel and turn into a sticky mess that would raise everyone’s blood sugar and cause unprecedented obesity.

Curiously, though, scientists are saying there is no reason for panic. For example, if you read this article from the Australian you’ll see:

While the size of the hole is alarming, it does not mean that increased amounts of ozone-depleting chemicals are reaching the atmosphere, said Paul Lehmann with the Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre in Melbourne. “There is mounting evidence that the ozone is slowly recovering,” he said.

So basically you had to get your panic out of the way back in the 70s, when the hole was tiny. Now that it’s bigger than North America and we’ve gotten rid of all of our refrigerators there’s no cause for panic.

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