The owner of a waste haulage firm in Pasadena has been fined by authorities over asbestos related violations. The owner of the firm has been given five years probation and fined over fifty five thousand dollars by a federal judge. The violations occurred after the firm was found to have abandoned trailers of asbestos containing material on a parking lot.

The forty three year old owner, Terrance Yates, pleaded guilty to falsifying documents to make it look as though the material had been safely and properly disposed of. The owner of the company was also sentenced to two hundred hours of community service for the asbestos violations.

According to reports Mr Yates was contracted by a number of companies to remove the hazardous waste and take it to government approved sites to dispose of it properly. However, although he was paid by the companies he allegedly took between twelve and seventeen trailers of this waste and dumped in the parking lot.

Twelve trailers, eight of which contained hazardous material, were found on the parking lot by environmental officials. The trailers were found to have been leased to Mr Yates’ company.

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