Owen Wilson has allegedly flown halfway around the world, to Australia, to be with Kate Hudson.

No matter how hard the two try to keep their relationship under the radar, they just keep being sighted together and popping up in the headlines. Even after the pair denied any romantic connection to one another.

Kate and Owen met on the set of their romantic comedy film ‘You, Me & Dupree’, where Kate played Owen’s best friend’s newly wedded wife. During the days of filming and following Kate’s file for divorce against rocker Chris Robinson the two were seen together on numerous occasions. Which got many asking the question, “Did love blossom on the set?”
It has been reported that Wilson has now spent a week alongside Hudson in Australia, where Kate is filming her new romantic adventure ‘Fool’s Gold’.
A source told the New York Daily News newspaper: “Owen backed out of spending Christmas and New Year with Kate because he didn’t want to deal with the whole situation with her family. There was Chris and the baby, and also her parents Goldie and Kurt don’t approve of the relationship.”

Owen’s rep claims that he is currently in India, though a source on set in Australia’s said: “Kate had a very close, friendly relationship with the paparazzi on set, but she changed her tune earlier this week. There was a five-day period when she requested no photographers. Her people even threatened to get the police on them if they didn’t leave her alone.”

Also on set with Hudson is her three-year-old son, Ryder, who she had with estranged husband Robinson.

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