The hype created for the longest and grandest event in the wrestling world was worth every minute of our time. The University of Phoenix Stadium was filled with excited and boisterous fans – over 72,000. I predicted what I expected to occur, in my last article, and I am now prepared to talk about what took place in some of the key matches.

I anticipated that the “Money in the Bank” ladder match would have been difficult to follow. And, sure enough, I found it confusing. Fans may not have the same perspective, but the additional wrestlers made the event too busy. Many attempts were made by the individual wrestlers to climb the ladder, but they were stalled by others who wanted to be the victor. It has always been difficult to reach the top of the ladder and grab hold of the briefcase. The swiftness of the athletes is amazing and the level of fitness is also evident.

I believe the fans were disappointed with the outcome of the match. Most of us would have preferred Christian to emerge victorious. But, now Jack Swagger has to fight in a championship. Perhaps, he should be exposed to a few more big fights, before cashing in the contract. The question now becomes: Can Swagger handle a big fight. I wonder if he is mentally prepared for such a battle. Would he lose the Championship match, whenever he chooses to “cash in” the contract? So many questions arise when the unexpected happens, and we all have to wait and see how this unfolds.

The battle between Bret Hart and Vince McMahon ended up being a one-sided affair. Fans knew that Bret would want to beat the life out of the WWE Owner. They also knew that he was strong enough to do so. The fans’ voices exploded when Bret made his entrance. Their love for the wrestler was truly evident. The Hart Family supported Bret, even though Vince stated that he paid them off to support him. Vince received a good beating in the short match. After a dominant performance, Hart was declared the winner by submission. Will the outcome put an end to the rivalry between these two, or is there more to come?

The match for the World Heavyweight Championship was fought between two evenly matched athletes. It was full of action, entertainment, and close calls.  Even though Jericho won the match, the two continued to battle, and provided further excitement for the audience. My prediction for this battle was incorrect, and it goes to show that nobody really knows what to expect in these matches.

The WWE Championship battle between Batista and John Cena, was filled with action. There were some nail-biting moments, one, in particular, when Batista executed his “Batistabomb.” The second Cena kicked out of that move, the entire arena erupted in cheers. John became the new champion, after a hard fought match. This matchup taught viewers about the need to believe in oneself, and the desire to be successful. Even though Batista wanted to win, Cena’s deep yearning for the title, pushed him to achieve and emerge victorious.

The main event between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels was truly an action-packed and well fought match. It was filled with signature moves from both wrestlers, and the fans were chanting throughout. The screams at times, were loud enough to blow the roof off the stadium. It was an epic showdown, fought valiantly by two seasoned veterans, and one that, unfortunately, put Shawn Michaels into retirement, according to the match stipulations.

Normally, at the end of a match, there is some kind of confrontation between the winner and his opponent, or the winner just leaves the ring. But, in this match, that did not happen. The camaraderie displayed by both athletes was something that is rarely seen in wrestling. It was quite moving to see Shawn in the middle of the ring, as the spectators recognized him with a standing ovation. It was truly an emotional way to end this great event.

Nobody knows for sure how long Shawn will remain in retirement. I sense he will come back, but not as a wrestler. He may just make a few appearances on WWE television, in a non-wrestling capacity. In my opinion, he has earned this break. He will be missed, but I truly believe that we have not seen the last of this very popular and talented wrestler.

The night provided the entertainment the fans look forward to at the annual event. They witnessed a championship change hands, a legendary career come to an end, and viewed great athleticism from all the wrestlers. The WWE certainly lived up to the expectations of the viewers, and those involved in organizing this show, must be given lots of credit for meeting the expectations of thousands of people.

Azeem Kayum

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