According to recently released reports it could cost authorities over two hundred million dollars to clean up a Vermont asbestos mine. The Belvidere Mountain asbestos mine, which is in Lowell and Eden, is still causing concern over even small levels of asbestos exposure.

Officials from the state of Vermont have stated that they are hoping that they can recoup the costs from the clean up from the owners of the former mine. The company that owned the mine until 1975 is going through bankruptcy and authorities will try and get back as much as they can from the bankruptcy courts.

The state has sued the company that owned the mine after 1975 in Vermont State Court. A recent study has found that the incidents of lung cancer in the area around the mine are higher than the average, sparking fears about ongoing exposure.

Environmental authorities have already spent nearly two million dollars on dealing with asbestos exposure from the mine, which was affecting wetlands and streams close to the site.

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