It has been revealed in a recent report that over one hundred and thirty million dollars to be spent on the clean up of Libby in Montana as a result of the asbestos contamination from the former WR Grace vermiculite mine that has allegedly resulted in hundreds of deaths in the area.

While the company, WR Grace, enjoyed victory recently after winning the court battle that it was at the center of, the town of Libby resulted in health authorities declaring the first public health emergency in nearly three decades.

According to the report the Environmental Protection Agency is putting up around one hundred and twenty six million dollars in order to fund the clean up of the area and make is safe for those that are still living and working in the town.

The Department of Health and Human Services is also set to contribute funds towards improving the health service in the area, and will be putting in around six million dollars to do this. The funds are set to be spent over a period of around five years.

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