Technology is rapidly advancing and many jobs are at risk of being lost to automation by 2030 according to recent reports by McKinsey Global Institute. The research reported that up to 800 million workers across the globe will be replaced by robots.

This is similar to what happened when the personal computer was first introduced in the 1980s which created new opportunities we are benefiting from today including internet casino pokies. Much of the workforce that is more likely to be affected are from first world countries compared to developing countries. Richer nations such as the United States, Germany, England and France are already in the process of automating every sector of their industries. Developing countries are likely to be less affected due to lack of adequate money to invest in automation.

Automation increases the efficiency and productivity while cutting labour costs in the long run. However, to fully automate the whole system requires large sums of money to buy the robots. The study recommends that approximately 14 % of the workforce in the world needs retraining regularly to learn skills. Training helps the workers to improve efficiency and avoid being made irrelevant by automation.

Most of the jobs that are at risk from automation include physical jobs in different industries such as assembling gadgets, fast food industry, delivery services, gardening, plumbing and care work. Automation in the delivery of packages is expected to be fully operational soon. Mercedes Benz has already introduced a concept of delivery vans that can accommodate delivery robots. IGaming industry, such as casinos online, lotto, and gambling won’t be affected. Some of the jobs that are threatened by this development are office jobs such as data collection, paralegals, accountants, mortgage brokers and back-office processing.

However, there are some jobs that are really difficult to fully automate especially in healthcare, financial services, and education. These jobs sometimes need human to human interaction. New technology creates new opportunities for employees.

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