I was to say at least flabbergasted when I discovered this article from the Inquisitr

Tiger Woods has retained Mark NeJame as his council? Tiger Woods is hardly an unknown name, even I have heard of him. Apparently he is quite good at some recreational sport, quite honestly the ability to smack a small ball with a large stick around an obstacle course is beyond me, but if he can make a few bucks at it, more power to him!

My good friend Bob Hayes posted a couple of articles about Tiger woods recently, you can read them here and here.

Not being a golfer I know little about the intricacies of the game. It mostly seems to involve chasing a small ball around a large field with a big stick and imbibing large amounts of alcohol to celebrate.

I might know little about golf, and even less about Tiger Woods, but I certainly know lots about the council he has retained. Mark NeJame was the ‘angel’ that represented George and Cindy Anthony when their grand daughter Caylee Anthony was finally reported missing. Mr NeJame was also the person that offered his nightclub Tabu as a place for Tim Miller and his group from Texas Equusearch a place to meet. While I doubt that anyone could possibly argue with Tim Miller’s intent. There are lots of people that I have talked to that have a different view. Drugs and booze seem to be a popular topic.

As the Orlando Sentinel explains, NeJame has prevented 3 (yes that is three) interviews by the police with Tiger Wood to explain the accident.

What bothers me is not Mark NeJame’s intentions, but rather his friends. I spent a good deal of time exploring that aspect earlier this year, it was a depressing time. I am sure that if you do a Google search on ‘Caylee Anthony The Money Trail’ you can find many of the articles.

Bob Hayes created quite a furor with his articles about Tigar Woods, I for one thought they were illuminating. I also suspect that he has opened up yet another Pandoras Box.

I guess only time will tell on this latest adventure.

Simon Barrett

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