First Halloween in the new house. And children came, by the car loads it seemed. I was puzzled there were so many and candy grew short too quickly. Parents the wife explained bring them from neighborhoods where it’s not safe to walk door to door. More then a hundred by the time I put the out of candy note on the door bell. The wife thinks of things like parents having to drive the kids to other peoples neighborhoods so they can trick or treat. When she told me more then a month ago I had failed to buy enough candy I got angry, I bought enough for a hundred kids I argued bringing up the prior eight years of wasted candy. All the past eight years when she made me buy ten times more then we needed she was remembering long ago when she was a single MOM with two daughters who had to drive to safer places so her kids could trick or treat and since she had to finish work first it was always late and lots of out of candy signs greeted them.

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