Our inalienable rights, guaranteed by the United States Constitution, have steadily become alienable. The actions of Congress and the States are restricting our freedom.
Years ago, with the advent of the automobile, when codifying this new means of transportation, states decreed that having a driver’s license was a right. Today, having a driver’s license is a privilege. It would be awkward, if not impossible, for the courts to penalize individuals by taking away their right to drive a vehicle.
In many states, you can be ticketed for not having a seat belt fastened when driving a vehicle or not wearing a helmet operating a motorcycle and riding a bicycle.
There are federal and state laws preventing smoking in certain prescribed areas. There are a multitude of rules and regulations dictating how businesses, professions, and manufacturing can be managed.
Politically correct speech, though not a formal law, is an incursion on our vocabulary. A subtle control on how we express ourselves.
Undeniably, some of these laws, such as requiring seat belts and helmets, are logical measures to lessen injuries if there are accidents. Non-the-less, if some people are foolish enough not to take these precautions, it is their Constitutional right to make those choices. This philosophy of “the government knows what is best for you” leads to complete control of our lives. Big Brother telling us what to do is a Dictatorship not a Democracy.
Some of these controls and restrictions may be unconstitutional. Yet, there is no uproar by the passive public, which results in the further removal of our rights.
The appeal and success of our Republic is based largely upon freedom that its citizens enjoy, unrestricted by authority. Let’s not squander anymore of our Constitutional rights to our control-seeking, elected officials. Vote the incumbents out of office to re-establish that they are our servants, not our masters.
Art Woodrow


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