I am constantly startled by the boldness of our psychopaths. I would not have believed that all of our Republican pols are more than willing to see thousands die each year through lack of medical care. Ours is supposed to be a Christian nation. Anyone who studied theology seriously knows that Jesus supported care for each and every person in need of it. He was alleged at one point to have blown his stack at those collecting monies for themselves and their religious buildings.

As one who studied theology here and abroad, I was taken by this indication of care — whether or not he was alleged to be the son of G-d. If there is such a benevolent being — I have my doubts — then we would all be his/her children. Not long after I departed membership in churches the word went around that “G-d is dead!” It made for a salable book title.

It had become clear that the best minds were leaving religion — some with kind hearts remained — but at their own risk. Our greedy corporations — particularly those with medical connections — are the paradigm of Christianity that we are watching emerge now — those tea party types. Our Supreme Court has really unleashed them and I fear that we are now facing dangerous times. When will torture become the Christian answer again to dealing with enemies? Perhaps it has already.

We have not quite returned to burning thousands of ‘witches’. But we may be watching the cut off of as many from affordable medical care which is tantamount to witch burning in slow motion — along with children, too, of course.

I happen to be on a heavy pain killer to quell the effects of a bone spur pressing on an inoperable spinal nerve. I am one of the lucky ones with Medicare and GHI covering the additional 20%.

But my heart goes out to those who do not have my good fortune — quite a few millions, I gather, in the only major democracy which denies medical care to all.

Hopefully Obama can get the reforms through the Republican psychos.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

Ed Kent [blind copies]

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