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In what the majority of Democrats are calling an “election year stunt,” President Bush signed a law into effect on Thursday that authorizes 700-miles of fence along the U.S./Mexican border . . . a fence that will protect the sections of the 2,100-mile border that are most used by people who enter the U.S. illegally. The fence that this law authorized is really more than a fence, the final product (if, indeed, there is a final product) will also include lighting, cameras, sensors and probably quite a few other technological innovations.

This may well be, as the Bush-bashers insist, an election-year stunt but that is quite beside the point. This is an election year, the Republican party wants to retain its majority in the legislature, that is all true, but regardless of what year it is, any move to improve our border security is a step in the right direction.

Our unsecured southern border presents two problems: the one getting all the focus in the media right now is the economic problem. The majority of the American public is very tired, and rightly so, of the drain on our economy that has been caused by the millions of illegals. Many cities have gone nearly bankrupt attempting to provide services for illegals who have no right to those services; many schools are in trouble trying to accommodate the children of illegals, ultimately at the cost of properly educating the children of citizens; hundreds of hospitals and medical facilities have had to close their doors because they can no longer operate at a loss, providing legally mandated services for uninsured illegals. It is a major problem for sure, but perhaps not THE major problem.

The other problem is our national security problem! As well intended as this fence may be, it is still only a band-aid on a gaping wound. America’s borders (all of our borders and our ports) must be secured completely, not just to keep the illegals out who come here looking for work and who inadvertently destroy our economy, but, more importantly, to keep the illegals out who come here to do us harm.

The world is an unstable, hate-filled place right now, thanks, primarily, to those who should not be able to, but do claim the title of Muslim. It may be intellectually stimulating to try and figure out “why” the world is in this state and it may be “satisfying” in one sense or another to be able to fix the blame on a person, movement, political party or something else but worrying about why or who is counter-productive; we must all worry about how to protect ourselves from the madmen who seem to have taken over the Muslim culture and how to fight back against them and defeat them. THAT is the priority; a priority that a partial fence along a porous border will not, by itself, adequately address.


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